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Reasons An Outdoor Event is Better Than A Event Center

Have you attended an event in a park,  beach, spacious backyard or an open field? Outdoor events creates beautiful and memorable moments for your guests.  However, there are risks as well as advantages. 

1. Unlimited Space
There is a maximum capacity every event center can take. If you need a spacious venue, an outdoor event can be a great choice for you. 

Unlike an event center, where you are have to arrange seats in a limited space and confine your guests to a small area, you have the freedom to decide or customize the layout, seating arrangement, tables, podiums, serving points in an outdoor event. 

An open space gives everyone the luxury of moving around comfortably. If you are not sure of how many guests will show up for your event, an outdoor event is the best for you. 

2. Logistics
One of the major challenges of an event center is logistical issues. It's either it does not have a convenient parking space, dock or delivery ramp. This can be be challenging for vendors who are trying to load in equipment for your events. With an outdoor event, there is zero logistical issues.

3. Cool breeze
Who wants to be in a stuffy event center when there is cool breeze outside? Comfort of your guests should matter to you. It is better to use an outdoor venue than leave your guests to sweat like Christmas goats. As long as outdoor is not too cold or too hot, your guest will enjoy it.

4. Natural scenery
The stunning views and natural beauty are one of the top advantages of an outdoor event over an event center. Most outdoor event offers natural flora and fauna. The trees, greenery, flowers, water features and sunshine are a great substitution for pipe, drape and wall decor. 

This natural scenery makes a perfect backdrop for elegant photographs. It also reduce the amount of event decor that you will need to make your event look aesthetically appealing. You are not only going to save cost on event decor, you are also going to have an event that befits your event theme as well. 

5. Natural light
Artificial lighting can be very harsh especially for pictures. Outdoor venues give you plenty of natural light. Event pictures come out elegant when your photographer shoots in a natural light. Natural light is a photographer's dream. 

6. Price
Most public outdoor spaces or open fields are free to use or comes at a relatively cheap price. If you are looking at having an elegant event on a shoestring budget, outdoor event is the way to go. It is cost-effective. 

In fact, when you rent your tent, your rental company can also provide you with everything else you need to get your event off the ground such as power, lighting, tables, chairs, linens and mobile toilets. Mind you, it is babaric for you to block public roads or setup tents on main roads because you are having an event. 

7. Flexibility
In an outdoor event, you don't have to worry about the venue being all booked up and unavailable. There is usually no interference of venue regulations and architecture constrictions. 

Outdoor events also works perfectly for those who looking to showcase something only outside can provide. For example, a space for sport sport brands to launch their products or a fashion brand to do a shoot. It is easier and better to have a yoga class outdoor than in an event center.

8. Kid-Flex
If there will be children at your event, an outdoor event is much better. This is because it is better suited for them to enjoy themselves. It gives them the plenty of space to run around and play. Kids can be louder outside without interrupting people.


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