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Effective and Creative Ways To Engage Your Audience In a Virtual Event in Nigeria

One advantage of hosting an in-person event over a virtual event is audience engagement.The major obstacle to planning a successful virtual event is engagement. 

However, if you think that virtual event do not provide an opportunity for engagement, you are wrong.

In any event, whether in-person or virtual, audience engagement is the KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful virtual event. 

Engaging attendees in a virtual event is not as easy as it seems. This is because it is very easy for your guests to get distracted when attending your virtual event.

1. Make it real
A virtual event can also feel real, if you are willing to make it work. You have to be creative about it. 

Carrying your audience along, making them really feel the vibe and making them actively participate in your virtual event is real work. The more real it feels, the more active participation and engagement you will get.

2. Integrate audience engagement elements
With a virtual event that has a chat feed, Q & A session, real-time Illustrations, one-on-one appointments, discussion forum, live polling (before, during and after your event), shareable images and videos, you can be sure of a significant audience engagement.

You can also ask your attendees to share their experiences and opinions regarding a subject matter.

3. Create Networking opportunities
One of the chief purposes why people attend events is to network and meet people from all walks of life. 

Your virtual event must create an opportunity for your attendees to connect and network before, during and after your event. There are virtual network tools that you can make use of.

4. Send the program of event before the event day
Attendees need to prepare everything they will need for your event. Handling to them a  program of event and every other resources before your event will be great way to help them prepare ahead.

5. Make it fun
A virtual event does not have to be an hour lecture. No! Sitting down for long hours listening to contents can lead to fatigue. You can include Live games, competitions, breakout sessions, quizzes, comedy and music performance.

People are competitive and love winning prizes. One thing to note is that your virtual guests have access to Google. So try not to include questions in your quiz that are searchable on Google.

6. Create engaging contents
Since virtual events rely on contents, you must ensure that your contents are precise and engaging. 

These contents must be able to draw their attentions and keep them glued to their seats and keep them away from potential internet distractions.

7. Create a FAQ page
There is a high tendency that some of your attendees will need answers to some basic questions. So, you may need to have FAQ page for important information to guide your attendee's experience.

8. Give takeaways
Takeaways can be a slide decks, replays, coupons for discount on products and services, free eBook or several eBooks. 

You can partner with your speakers who have authored books to give out some of their books for free to registered attendees.