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14 Reasons Why An Event Center Is The Perfect Venue For Your Event In Nigeria

The choice of venue is an important decision to make when planning your event because it affect the overall experience of your guests and the success of your event.

1. Comfort
Whether it is a wedding, social gathering or corporate event, the goal is to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Your guests can never feel comfortable sitting under the scorching or freezing cold.

Bugs, sun flies and other flying insects and animals may make your guests feel uncomfortable or distracted. Flies that hang around the serving point in an outdoor event can be very disgusting also.

2. Cost
When you consider your budget, an event center may seem expensive, but it is not in the actual sense. Setting up in an event center is easier and pocket friendly. Outdoor events need a field, tents, chairs and tables. 

The time and logistics involved in setting these up can be used for other productive things. Most of these chairs and tables are usually dirty and not presentable, you may need to rent chair covers and table covers also.

Regardless of the size of your event, you can never use more than one event center at once ideally. Since event centers have limited size and maximum capacity, they can help you to stick to your budget.

If an event center can comfortably accommodate 400 guests, but more guests show up eventually, you do not need to rent another event center, unlike an outdoor event where more guests means more tents, more chairs and more tables which can significantly make you exceed your budget.

3. Weather
Nothing ruins your event faster like your guests being drenched in the rain with nowhere to go. If you are hosting your event in an event center, you do not need to pay rainmakers. The probability of an unforeseen changes in weather is usually not a problem when you use an event center.  

4. Décor and Special Effects
If you are a décor freak, making use of an event center is perfect for you this is because there are décor and special effects that can never or may be difficult to achieve in an outdoor event. 

Wind is one of the enemies of outdoor event décor, from fabrics to centerpieces – name it! With an event center, you do not have to bother about the wind blowing away your centerpiece.

5. Noise
When you think of the noise in the neighborhood which is usually beyond your control, an event center may be the best option for you.

6. Control
In an event center, you can control the environment, the crowd and other activities around the event hall. Ushers and security personnel are able to work more efficiently in an event center than in an open space. 

Interesting, you can also control the temperature inside the hall. When you use an open space, there is almost nothing you can do about the temperature.

There may be some gate crashers or street beggars that may want to harass your guests in an outdoor event. an outdoor event is accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

7. Privacy
There is some privacy when you use an event cent. It may be important if there are some special programmes in your event that you don’t want the public to hear and see. An event center provides this sound barrier.

8. Facilities
There are some facilities and equipment that you do not need to rent or set up when using an event center.

Electrical fitting is not usually an issue in an event center. Most event centers have generators that are available for use. You do not have to call Baba Kamaru to improvise wall sockets and connect wires from the nearest electrical poles to you tents.

If comfortability is your top priority, you should not negotiate using an event center. Most event centers have restrooms that you and your guests can use rather than becoming stranded when uneasiness sets in, unless you have made a mobile toilet available.

9. Waste Management
Waste Management Plan can successfully be carried out in an event center than in an outdoor event. Event centers usually have cleaners who clean the hall before, during and after your event. 

If you can afford the stress of cleaning the “whole street” or field after your event, no problem. 

10. Security
Security can be organized and achieved easily in an event center. You can shut the doors if you want. The four walls make it for you to strategies and implement your security measures.

11. Ease of transportation
Most event centers are located close to busy urban areas. This makes public transportation easy for your guests.

12. Type of event
The kind of event you are hosting determines whether or not an event center will be preferable. For a corporate gathering, conference or seminar, an event center is better.

13. Support staff
Many event centers provide support teams to assist with activities on the day of the event. an in-house support team is a great asset for any event space, especially when you lack the right personnel to manage your event. 

These support team are also experienced to answer your questions before, during and after your event.

14. Car parking space
Hosting your event at an event space with a well secured car park can help you avoid a lot of embarrassing and awkward scenarios such as theft of properties (vehicles) or your guests leaving the venue on arrival. Car parking space should be high on your priority.


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