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The Favourite Smallchops In Nigerian Events

The typical small chops in Nigeria includes; mini sausage rolls, snails, peppered gizzard, puff puff, samosa and spring roll. However, none of these is the favourite small chops of an average Nigerian.

If you have ever attended any Nigerian event, you will agree that NIGERIANS LOVE MEAT, whether goat meat, pig meat, chicken or beef. Just like football, when it comes to meat, Nigeria is one.  

In Nigeria, no small chop dish is complete without Asun or Suya. It is the favourite small chops at Nigerian events. Asun and Suya are two popular street delicacies that have found their way into most Nigerian events. 

Nothing is more annoying that hosting an event called Asun Night, only for guests to end up eating Suya. This is because most Nigerians don't know the difference between Asun and Suya.

Asun is a Nigerian small chops served in most Nigerian events as an appetizer. It is usually a grilled or barbecued goat meat with lots of pepper and often served with other small chops. Asun is largely different from the normal roasted goat meat or 'Isi Ewu'. The name 'Asun' originated from the SouthWestern Nigeria.

One thing that is unarguable is that suya is not a breakfast food. It is a Nigerian delicacy often served in the evening. The name 'Suya' originated from the Northern Nigeria. When translated into English, it means grilled meat. Suya is made with skewered beef, ram or chicken. It is a thinly sliced barbecued meat served with spices.

Both asun and suya are for enjoyment, not for hunger. They are fast becoming traditional small chops in Nigerian events. If you have never attended an Asun night or Suya night before, you are missing a lot. If you are thinking of a creative way to style your event in Nigeria, incorporate Asun or Suya into your events. They are both generally acceptable, affordable and readily available.

Asun and Suya has become a national identity in Nigerian events. Most Nigerians now hire an Asun chef or Mai Suya for their events. These vendors have exclusive space in the event venue. If you go to any Nigerian event where you see a haze of scenty smoke, just know that either Asun or Suya is coming your way.