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10 Benefits of Hiring An Event Planner Over A Committee of Friends and Families

In a bid to cut cost, you may want to do it yourself or organize some of your friends and families to help you out. 

Planning your event yourself is just like taking self-medication. Most times, you are at the mercy of people who dish out unprofessional advice to you and leave you alone to bear the shame when things go sour.

You may want to bank on the fact that these people have hosted some of their own events successfully. However, you must realize that what worked for your friend or friend's sister may never work for you.

In event planning, ONE HEAD IS BETTER THAN TWO. No matter how committed your friends and families are, they can never outperform or substitute one professional event planner. In the multitude of families and friends, there is confusion, but with one professional event planner, there is safety.

If you think that hiring an event planner is expensive, wait until your guests walks out of your event angrily, you will know that shame is more expensive.

1. Event Planners bring your vision to reality and meet your objectives
You may have a vision of how you want your event to look like, but it is the job of an event planner to listen to your vision and see your event from your perspectives and help you to actualise them with a touch of professionalism.

2. Event Planners save you money
One of the biggest myth in Nigeria is that event planners are expensive. Depending on your budget and size of your event, if hired early, event planners can save you money. 

Apart from the fact that they have trusted network of vendors who can give discounts, they also have good negotiation skills.

3. Event Planners save you stress
Planning an event is a heavy-duty work. It is not a job that can be handled by amateurs. According to CareerCast, event planning is the fifth most stressful job in the world.

Why must you go through so much stress, yet host a crappy event, when there is someone who can take the stress from you and make your day elegant. 

Event Planners lift the burden off your shoulders. They relieve you from stress. They take care of your 'headaches', while you sit down without any worry about things that could go wrong.

4. Event Planners are professional organizers and managers
You can budget millions of naira for your event, yet it can turn out to be a big flop if not organized well. 

Experience is the best teacher. Your committee of friends and families may be zealous to help you, but their zeal can never beat the experience of a professional event planner. Event planners have a track record of organizing several small and large events.

Catering for all your guests without anyone feeling neglected is only possible by having an organized team. Event Planners are able to effectively manage and coordinate all the staff, volunteers, servers and ushers that will working in your event.

5. Event Planners save time
Did you know that it takes an average of 250 hours to plan a Nigerian wedding? Can you squeeze this time out of your busy family and work schedule to run around for venues, meetings with the baker, photographer, caterer and all the vendors involved?

Even if you are a workaholic, you will break down. If you run a very busy schedule, hiring an event planner is non-negotiable for you. You should not leave it in the hands of inexperienced friends and families. 

A professional event planner have all the needed contacts at his fingertips. This is why they are able to meet your deadlines faster.

6. Event Planners pay attention to details
In every event, little things count. While you are busy with one task, there are several important tasks that you may never consider. These little mistakes are the ones that usually ruin your event. 

If you decide to allow your families and friends to handle your event or you decide to do it yourself, there is a high probability that some details may be forgotten or overlooked. 

An event planner covers the least details of your event. You can tell an excellently planned event from the programme of events alone.

7. Event Planners can handle the pressure of your event
In most cases, when a difficult or unforseen circumstances arise, your families and friends will back out, leaving only you to bear the shame. 

When you are faced with difficult options, an Event Planner will always be with you. There are many questions that you want to ask in the course of planning your event that only an expert can provide answers to. 

For example, more people can turn out at your event than expected, you will need to control the crowd and cater for them also. An event planner is able to adapt and proffer immediate solution to this.

Event Planners are able to handle the pressure, think on their feet and come up with a plan B. This ability to think fast can turn a potential ruin to an elegant experience. 

8. You can enjoy your event with peace of mind
What's the essence of planning an event when you will not be seated to enjoy it. You can't enjoy your event when you are too busy moving moving all over the place just to make sure that your event runs hitch free. 

When you hire an event planner, you can fold your hands, sit back and enjoy your event like every other guests because you are sure that nothing will go wrong in the hands of an event planner.

9. Event Planners keep you on budget
While you are paying for other items in your list, you may never know when you exceed your budget. 

Most Nigerians want to host the most memorable event that is usually beyond their budgets. This is why they end up taking loans and swimming in debts.

An Event Planner doubles as an Economist. He helps you to stay on budget, while ensuring that your event is elegant and hitch free.

10. An Event Planner is the go-to person for destination events
If you are looking to organize a destination event, an Event Planner is your best option.  Doing it yourself is very risky. This is because most times, you will be working with vendors have never seen or met before.