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8 Reasons Why You Need Servers For Your Event In Nigeria

Nigerian guests eat firstly with their eyes before eating with their mouths. For most Nigerian events, it is not really about the food and drinks: it is about the hospitality and presentation. 

There was a wedding reception were the bride’s mother was the one serving her guests. She could not even participate or enjoy the event at all.

There are some Nigerian events where some guests are served foods and drinks, while the other guests salivate as they watch the trays pass over their heads. Some guests get extra plates of food while other guest do not get anything. 

In most Nigerian events, it is not uncommon to find a family member or close relative who wants to take over the serving point aggressively. In most cases, they divert your foods and drinks to their own special guests.

This should not happen to you. Ideally, you should not be the one to serve the foods and drinks in your event. You need to hire professional servers who can do the job for you.

In Nigerian, we believe that it is shameful for your guests to walk out of your event angrily because they were not served food or drinks. 

While planning the best catering services for your event, it is important that you plan for servers also. Professional servers in your event makes your guests feel well taken care of.

The number of servers you will need for your event depends on the type of event, your expected number of guests, your budget, the type of food and drinks to be served. 

What exactly do servers do?

1. Servers assist in the complete setup of the serving point.

2. Servers greet your guests and provide detailed information on the menu list to them.

3. Servers take orders for foods and drinks from your guests.

4. Servers are responsible for making sure that every table has the correct number of napkins, utensils and bowls.

5. Servers relay details about special orders, allergies and special request to the event coordinator. They are in charge of communicating any area of need, problems and concerns from your guests to the event coordinator.

6. Servers are in charge of clearing and cleaning the table after your guests have finished eating.

7. Servers serve a large number of people in a short time frame. Most Nigerian guests are very impatient when it comes to food. This is why food needs to be served as soon as possible to every guest present. The longer time it takes, the more impatient they become.

8. Servers give your event a touch of professionalism. To a layman, food is food: but to your guests, food is not food. Carrying larger trays of food and drinks for the entire event requires the right technique.