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8 Reasons Why A 'Court Wedding' Is The Best Choice For You

Registry wedding is a great option for intending couples and it has many advantages

1. Less Expensive

If you cannot afford the extravagant ceremony, a registry wedding is the best alternative for you. It is the simplest and cheapest type of marriage.

2. Less Demanding

Planning a wedding in Nigeria can be very hectic. With a registry wedding, the stress is less. 

3. No Crowd.

Registry wedding is usually a small event for family members and intimate friends. It is not a 'Noah's Ark' event. In fact, you can have your registry wedding on a weekday.

4. No Time wasting

Registry wedding no dey waste time. In some cases, every activity to be done in a registry wedding can be wrapped up in 30 minutes. 

5. No Paparazzi

No songs. No sermons. No bridal train. No noise. No special decoration.

6. No Dresscode

Come as you are is the dresscode for registry wedding. A wedding gown or a suit is not compulsory. 

7. Legal Protection

Registry wedding protects both the husband and the wife against bigamy, most especially the wife. 

8. Valid Proof for International Travels

For purposes of international travel and having to present a valid proof of marriage at the embassy, it is advisable to have a registry wedding.

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