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13 Reasons Why You Need Ushers For Your Event In Nigeria

 Ushers play a vital role in every event. They do not just stand like zombies throughout your event: they are the face of your event. They are your representatives. 

For ushers to work effectively in any event they need to understand everything about the event. They need to have full knowledge about your guests. They need to know how to differentiate between VIPs and other guests. 

They need to know the layout of the venue and every facility such as the restroom. They must be able to provide answers to questions your guests may have. 

If they are not familiar with the event venue, how will they guide your guests. If you have a choice seat for some guests, let your ushers know before now.

1. Nothing is more irritating than an event that is disorderly. Spending too much time at the registration desk can be annoying. Latecomers loitering around the event venue can be annoying.

2. They help your guests to feel more comfortable. If comfortability of your guests is a priority to you, you will appreciate the need for ushers. Every event in Nigeria is about hospitality. 

This is Nigeria. We attach titles to hospitality. Using "Sirs" and "Mas" means a lot to Nigerian guests. Hospitality also entails how your guests are welcomed at your event. 

3. Event ushers are responsible for directing and escorting guests to their seats in the most polite manner, especially guests with disabilities. 

Even if you have signages for different guest categories, you still need ushers to direct them to their seats. 

4. It is the duty of the ushers to distribute the program of event, souvenirs and other materials to your guests. 

5. Ushers render some assistance when it comes to last time arrangements in the event venue. They help to ensure that every unfinished task in the event venue is completed. 

6. There are some menial tasks that ushers take care of during the event. Ushers can be asked to assist in any task that would help the event to run smoothly. 

There are some distractions that may affect the event negatively. For example, helping a speaker on stage to pickup a sheet of paper that fell off his jotter.

7. In emergency situations, ushers render assistance to guests. Whether first aid for medical emergencies or moving people out during a fire outbreak. 

8. Ushers are unofficial members of your security team. During the event, they are responsible for monitoring the crowd.

9. Ushers report suspicious behaviour or incompliant guests to the security team.

10. Ushers keep lost and found items or forgotten items for guests to retrieve. 

11. Ushers scrutinize entry tickets to determine the genuinety by validating the ticket information. 

12. Ushers implement your directives. They are responsible for enforcing the rules that you have set. 

13. Nigerian guests are fond of going late to events. This is why ushers must be available to help them find seats without disrupting


In a Nigerian event, two ushers must NEVER talk or smile together. Why?
Guests feel insecure and think you are making jest of them.

The larger your event, the more ushers you will need. A rule of thumb is, one usher per 50 guests.