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The Most Important Details to be Included in Every Invitation Card

An invitation card is important for every event. Irrespective of the form your invitation card may take, there are very important details that must be included in it. Leaving out any of these details can have a major effect on your event and your potential attendees.

» Number of Guests Invited
» Event Name
» Event Description
» Date
» Time (Beginning/Ending/Schedule of Events)
» Venue
» Directions
» Parking Details
» Dress Code
» RSVP Address, Telephone and Fax Number
» Ticket Order Form (if applicable)
» Return Reply Envelope (optional)

If you want your potential attendees to come along with the invitation card on the event day, ensure to include this detail also. "Come along with your Invitation Card" or 
"This event is strictly by Invitation" or 
"This Invitation Card is also the entry pass"