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The Most Effective Way To Use Hashtag To Brand Your Event In Nigeria

A hashtag is any word or unbroken word-grouping (no spaces) with a # sign in front of it, used on a social platform like Twitter or LinkedIn. A hashtag links your individual posts with all other posts containing that hashtag, giving it greater exposure and longevity, and connecting it to larger conversations. 

Hashtag that is associated with an event is to enable those at the event (and sometimes those who could not make it in person) to connect to one another, share their thoughts, experiences, and content, and continue to network after the event.

Effectively using a hashtag for your event is just one aspect of running a successful social-media campaign. As simple as it seems, having a clearly branded and relevant hashtag will elevate your social presence.
For large events to succeed you need to amplify and promote the heck out of them, especially on social media The use of hashtags has evolved beyond simply adding a “#” before keywords. Hashtags are everywhere and there are many ways you can make use of a hashtag for your event. Hashtags can be used to increase awareness and visibility for your event. 

By including a hashtag in your promotions, commentary, and post-event thank yous, you are not only pulling a conversation together, but you are also making it easy for people to find photos and attendee interactions with your event. 

A trending hashtag is a hashtag that is being used more than they were previously. The trending list is on Twitter to help people find “breaking news” from across the world in real-time.

So if you have made the “trending list” and begin to have spammers invade your hashtag, DO NOT PANIC! This means you are wildly successful!

Creating a hashtag is simple. The first step is coming up with a hashtag that will be easy for people to use. It must be unique, short, memorable and relevant to the event. The longer the hashtag or confusing to type, the less likely people are going to use it. It must align with the event and also appeals to the guest. 

Make sure to include your event hashtag on your registration page, informing attendees to “Join the Conversation.” promote your hashtag on all your other communication channels, including; your event website, promotional email, print materials, On-site signage, Event flyers, Business cards  and Event t-shirts.

During the event, create a conversation and encourage attendees to join. Make sure to engage with your attendees who are using the hashtag. Retweet them and ask questions. Just make sure you are not too invasive. You may attach a reward to whoever has the highest social engagement. Everyone loves to win a prize! While the event is going on, announce a contest that requires the use of the hashtag.

Keep the conversation going: Continue to follow the hashtag until the conversation dies. You’ll be surprised how much people will continue to talk about a great event. Continue to retweet and mention the pieces of great content your attendees are sharing.

It does not matter whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram—use the same event hashtag for all content related to your event. This creates a branded hashtag that provides a clear way to track activity across all social platforms.