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Red Carpet Events In Nigeria: 11 Things You Must Know

Red carpets were initially used by high profile individuals, celebrities and VIPs at ceremonial events to mark walking routes. Customarily, the red carpet is used for a few people with privileged treatment. The red carpet is only rolled out for distinguished visitors to walk on when they first arrive at a high-class event.

Today, it a free experience for anyone of any class. You can hardly go to any Nigerian event nowadays without seeing a red carpet. In fact, no Nigerian event is complete without a red carpet.

Incorporating a red carpet into your events makes your guests fill special. Red carpet provides an elegant grand entrance for your guests. 

Mind you, what you find today in most Nigerian wedding receptions is not a red carpet. It is a photo booth for guests.

Before you roll out the red carpet at the entrance of the event, there some important things you must know. 

1. Create a Space For Red carpet in the event venue
Red carpets are usually done around the entrance of the event venue. This is why when choosing your event venue, you must put an eye on the entrance. Ensure that you have full use of the event space.

Ensure that your venue has a space wide enough to accommodate a long walk as each guest arrives. The entrance must not be crowded. You must ensure that guests keeps moving along the red carpet into the main event in order to keep the traffic moving.  

2. Consider African Time
In Nigeria, red carpet events don't start at the scheduled time. Nigerian event planners are still in search for a lasting solution and strategy to curb the African time menace. So don't panic or be disappointed when your guests don't show up on time.

3. Use a Professional Photographer
Professional photographers make your guests feel like celebrities and VIPs.  Mind you, some guests want multiple poses. Therefore, keeping other guests waiting. You must remind them that it is a red carpet event, not a photoshoot. Ensure that you setup a link where guests can find photos of themselves after the event. 

4. Use a Wide Red Carpet
A red carpet event needs a red carpet. You must also ensure that the red carpet is wide enough for guests to interact and enjoy the arrival experience. Don't use a carpet that looks like a door mat. 

5. Interview and Record The Events
Red carpet event are not meant to be boring and lifeless. Let there be an interview as your guests storm the carpet. Record the carpet if you are going to interview your guests.

Your interviewer must be creative and have some questions prepared for the guests. There are other questions an interviewer can ask other than "What you wearing?" Interviewers must also know how and to dismiss a guest politely from the red carpet.

6. Add Music
One way to set the mood for your event is by having music integrated into your red carpet event. This is one way to transition them into the event mood.

7. Invite Some Celebrities
Try as much as possible to have some celebrities attend your events. Celebrity appearance on a red carpet means a lot for Nigerian guests. Selfies must be taken..abi na.

8. Encourage Your Guests To Dress Elegantly
Believe it or not, fashion and outfit is the focal length of every red carpet event. If you want your guests to come in elegant dresses or costumes, state it clearly in the invitation. Don't assume that your guests will dress well. 

9. Use Elegant Backdrops
Every red carpet event usually requires an eye-catching step and repeat banner or backdrop with logos and slogans. The aim is to take photographs of guests with sponsors' logos behind them. The backdrop must be big, elegant and well laid out.

10. Give Your Guests a Warm Welcome
For most Nigerian guests, once they arrive the event venue and there is no one to meet and greet them, they just head straight to the main venue and you may have to beg them to come outside again for red carpet. 

11. Tell Your Guests That The Red Carpet Is Free
Tell a Nigerian guest to take a picture on the red carpet. He will firstly ask you"Is it free?" However you can, ensure that you communicate to your guests that the red carpet is free.