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How to Select the Best MC for Your Event in Nigeria

Have you ever been to an event where you wanted to leave because it was boring? Planning an event can be very hectic and most times, in the process of planning, choosing the best MC for your event can be overlooked or under budgeted for. 
MCs have now become an integral part of every event. They are responsible for keeping to the program of the event, making important announcements and responding to audience questions and comments. 

The MC works the crowd in your event to achieve your objectives. He suggests ways to shuffle the order of the event and overcome setbacks. Most of your pressure of handling your guests will be shared by the MC. 
A good MC makes sure that they go through the agenda of the event and make plans for the entire event, to ensure everything goes according to plan. The MC is the crucial link between various portions of your event and will help connect the dots, improving the experience of the audience. 
There are several ways the MC will influence the setting of the event. Every MC can make or mar your event. Their choice of language and status can make a world of difference. Within a short period, they can connect with your audience.
There is a difference between MC/Compere and Comedian/skit maker. That you enjoy their comedy skits, does not imply that they will be the best MC for your event. 

Many Nigerians believe that getting a celebrity is good enough as an MC. However, this is far from reality. These celebrities may not have the necessary skillset of a good MC. While it is true that the status of the celebrity will help fill up the seats, they may not be a great MC for your event.
There are a lot of factors you need to consider that will determine whether an MC is a good fit. 
1. Event Objective
Specific goals help you determine the appropriate format, content, messaging, tone, and the right MC. The objective of the event will determine whether or not the MC will entertain or motivate the audience or to enhance a serious communication. 
2. Know Your Target Audience
The next step is to take a look at the type of people who will be attending your event. Understanding your audience demographic is absolutely paramount to choosing the right MC. 

What can you ascertain about the people who will attend your event? Are they all from the same industry? What is the general age or income bracket? Are they mostly male or female, or a mixed ratio of both? 

The reason you need to do this groundwork is that it paints a clearer picture of what type of MC will connect with the attendees. Knowing who you are presenting to is key. 

Why? Because the tone and audience for a wedding is very different than that of a gala or business conference. Before choosing an MC for your event, it is important to understand what type of audience he will be presenting to and what they would like to hear.
3. Language Fluency
The perfect MC should be fluent in the language that the guests attending the event will understand.
4. Oratory skills
The last thing you want is for your MC to take long and awkward pauses while hosting your event. Ensure that he possesses plenty of public speaking experience especially with large audience. 
5. Presentable & Well Dressed
Keep in mind that your MC while hosting your event represents you or your organization. Your MC is almost like your brand ambassador at your event. 
6. Entertaining & Humorous
There is nothing worse than a boring MC that puts the audience to sleep. The best MCs use humor to keep the audience entertained and engaged. 

There is nothing better than fun, laughter and smiles to keep the event fresh. A good MC creates a lighter environment while being able to deliver a more serious communication.

7. Punctuality
Do not choose an MC that has a reputation for late coming. If your event starts late, you run the risk of your audience leaving with a negative impression. Keep in mind that your guests have commitments they need to fulfill. 

An MC must ensure that no time overruns as this could impact the event in many ways. He must be mindful of the time. He must be able to make up time or even fill in time if required.
8. Does he over-act or over-do?
One of the main responsibilities of an MC is to keep to the program. An MC that cracks awkward jokes is a no-no. Some people in the name of being cheerful do blunders, they blurt anything in the name of jokes. 

Such people can offend anybody, anywhere. The last thing you would want for your event is a bad-mouthed MC.
9. Budget
Your budget would also determine your choice. Budget can’t be brushed away and forgotten about. 

It pays to be realistic about how much you can to spend on the MC, because they don’t normally come cheap! Generally speaking, the higher the MC’s celebrity profile, the higher their fees.
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10. Meet your MC in person
Before hiring an MC make sure you meet your MC in person. Ask questions. Know the kind of events he does. Don’t just go by their words, ask for some of their previous work videos.
11. Make a list of MCs
You need to make a list of MCs who have the potential to fit your event. This is because chances are, the MC you want may not be available, so you will need to approach a few before you finally settle down for one. 

You can narrow down on your options until you end up with the right person. 
12. Read the contract and sign it
While hiring a professional MC, make sure you read the contract and sign it only after you are comfortable with the terms and conditions.