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How to Creatively Style Your Event In Nigeria

In one event, guests where served garri (cassava flakes), sugar and shrimps. In another event, guests where given ‘ayo olopon’ (African Board Game) to play with. Some guests sit on traditional mats rather than sit on a chair. In a reunion event of 1983 Graduating Set, only country music was played. Some events are all white party. Different events, different styles.  

Event styling is the cement that binds your event. Your event style is the atmosphere or overall effect you are trying to achieve. Styles can be mixed and matched to create something new. Style is personalized. There are no “shoulds” in style and style is never about money. Your event style will influence the choice of invitations, venue, guest attire, flowers, decor, music, entertainment, food and beverages.

Your end result will be layers of ambiance flowing together to create your event style.

The event style you select will lend itself to conveying the emotion surrounding your event. An event that has a fun theme, depicting a playful nature, will give off a lighthearted warmth that is caring and affectionate with a dash of festivity. Give thought to the event style and the feelings that you want to bring out. Choose one that will capture the spirit of your event’s objectives and the emotions that will make your event stand out.

 The following are samples of different event styles:

1. Traditional 

2. Classic  

3. Modern 

4. Country 

5. Cultural    

6. Formal elegance  

7. Casual elegance  

8. Romantic  

9. Fun  

10. Buffet

11. Lavish

12. Intimate  

13. Outdoor  

14. Themed  

15. Seasonal  

16. Holiday  

17. Beach  

18. Sports  

Whichever style you choose must be clear and consistent across all the elements of your event. That’s, the event design, equipment to be used, time of the event, programme lineup, music and entertainment, food and drinks, decoration, event venue, lighting, table layout and guest attire.

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