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How to Create the Perfect Mood and Energy in Your Event In Nigeria

What feeling do you want your guests to have during and after your event? Every event is all about creating memorable events. Your event should be less about you and more about your guests. Every event gives off energy. The venue, the decor, the music, the food and drink, the activities and the guest mix all contribute to the energy in the room and the mood being set. Setting the right mood for your event does not just come from one thing. It is a combination of several elements that create a perfect mood and energy.  

The energy you create in your event can make or mar your event. Poor design planning with regards to timing, logistics and layout can literally drain the energy from a room. This is the feeling you experience when things go flat; there is dead air, stilted conversation or awkward silences and the room becomes devoid of energy. Negative energy can fill a room when there are overlooked areas of congestion, long waits, hungry or tired guests, and insufficient seats.

1. 1. Choose the right location and venue for your event.

Your event venue gives the first impression. Ensue the venue is conveniently located close to all major transport links and has sufficient parking space for the projected guest or delegate numbers. Choosing an event venue that is too big or too small for the size of the guest count can bring down the energy in the room. 

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1.  2. Give a friendly welcome.

First impression matters. Set the tone right from the beginning. This is why you must give a positive impression, warm greetings and welcoming reception for your guests. This makes your event feel more personal. The energy of the greeters and meters at your registration table is contagious. Their outfits also matter.

2.  3. Quick and Efficient registration.

Facilitate registration and the handing out of event materials quickly and efficiently, especially for conferences and workshops. Have a service team available to answer any question.

3   4. Set the mood with lighting

Lighting can transform the venue and provide the right energy for your event. It can create the type of atmosphere you desire. Using varying colours and intensities of light can give an elegant visual impact.

4.  5. Set the mood with music

It is an event; hence music is a must. Choosing a style or genre of music can create ambience for your guests. Your choice of music should depend on the type of event you are hosting. Naira Marley music is good for after-parties. Relaxed jazz and classic music is a good for conferences. Contemporary music is ok for dinner and award evenings.

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5.  6. Set the mood with colours

Different colours set different tones, create different moods and energy in an event. The type of colours you choose for your event will have a significant impact on the mood of your event.  Bright colours will set different energy than a dull colour.

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6.  7. Confirm other logistics

Set the room according to the requirement of the day. Prior to the event, everything must be in place. Work out the best place for the stage. Use screens to give audience seated at the back a clearer view of what occurs onstage. Ensure that all audio and visual equipment are functioning. Test run all the graphic, video contents and PowerPoint Presentations that will be used before your guests arrive.

7.  8. Select an MC fit for the event

An MC can make or mar your event. This is why you have to select an MC that can control the audience, engage them and anchor the event professionally. A professional MC must strike the perfect tone in accordance with the objective and subject of the event. He must have a good sense of humour and be knowledgeable about the event. Make sure that strict guidelines are given to the MC in order for him not to overdo things. If you are finding it difficult to select an MC for your event, ask for recommendations.

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8.  9. Select interesting guest speakers

If you have ever attended an event where you dozed off severally because the guest speakers made the event boring, you will understand better. Who are the speakers and facilitators coming for your event? Believe it or not, different speakers will bring different energy to an event. This is why you must only invite interesting speakers that can deliver an interesting and engaging talk.

9.  10. Make your guests comfortable

Since your guests will be seated for most of the event, you must ensure that they are comfortable. Give them water to relax. If you cannot afford small chops, a small bowl of sweets will do. Also, give them a copy of the programme of event. You can provide free Wi-Fi for them. It shows you care about your guests and helps to make your event memorable. For events with smaller groups, you can use cushions and other comfortable furniture. Ensure that there are signage or ushers to provide information like access to toilets and other facilities.

11. Give a Break

No matter how luxurious or comfortable the seats are, guests will become restless and uncomfortable if they are compelled to sit for too long. Coffee breaks during conferences can be fun and relaxing.

12. Bid them farewell

Apart from the official vote of thanks, make sure you reach out to your guests and say thank you. It creates a sense of continuity. If you can afford gifts and souvenirs, give to you guests.

13. You!

You are the most important influence in creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. engage with your guests. Be helpful, respectful and fun. It is your event, so you need to be present with your guests having fun. You must enjoy the event you are hosting. If you are willing to have a good time, your guests will do likewise.