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After Your Event, What Next?

Taking a critical and informed look at the event as a whole will allow you to improve over time, will give you vital information you can use to sell to sponsors and sign up great speakers next time, and can help you understand where your budget went.

After your event, what next?

Begin to evaluate your event right away, and put your conclusions in writing.

What should you evaluate?

Registration and attendance

• How did your registration numbers compare against your goals?

• What was your no-show rate?

• Would you plan differently for food and budget, knowing the no-show rate?

• Was the registration process smooth all the way from signup to check-in?

• Would you work with the registration tool again?

• What can you do to increase registration numbers and actual attendance next time?

• Did your engaged audience grow before, during and after the event?


• What were some of the budget “surprises”?

• Were the big-ticket items worth the expense?

• What would you do differently next time?

Revenue or funds raised

• How did this stack up against your goal?

• What can you do to be more effective as a fundraiser?

• Were tickets priced appropriately?

• If you gave out free or discounted tickets, did you get a return on investment?

Sponsor success

• Were your sponsors happy with the volume of leads they collected and the conversations they had?

• Did they feel like the attendees were relevant to their customers?

• After a few months, are sponsors able to report a positive return on investment?

Venue and vendor performance

• Did the venue and vendor teams perform professionally and capably?

• Were they able to deal with contingencies?

• Would you work with them again?

• Effectiveness of the events team

• Was everyone on your team accountable and effective?

• Were there any gaps in accountability, or team members who weren’t pulling their weight?

• Did you have enough staff overall?

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