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15 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Photographer For Your Event In Nigeria

1. Know the best style of photographer to give you the results you are looking for—traditional photographer (posed shots) or a photojournalist-style photographer (capturing what is going on in the room).

2.Think carefully about how many photographers you need (you may want one photographer stationed in a central spot for specific shots of celebrity guests, for instance, and another to cover the ongoing  events in the room as they are happening).

3. Consider hiring a professional videographer to video your event, either in addition to or in replacement of a photographer .

4. Know the reputation of the photographer you are hiring.

5. If it is a high-profile event, is the photographer you are considering familiar with key celebrities and society guests?

6. Have you advised the photographers of dress code and protocol?

7. Are you familiar with the photographer’s work? Have you seen samples and talked to references?

8. Do you have specific groupings of photos that you want taken? Who will be preparing the list, reviewing it with the photographer and assisting them during your event to help identify and bring together the people that you want photographed as a group?

9. Are they familiar with the venue they will be shooting in? Is there sufficient light, and are there any other areas of concern?

10. Are there any additional charges to factor into your budget? Accommodation, transport and feeding?

11. When do you want the photographer to arrive? How long do you want him or her to stay?

12 What size and quantity of prints will you want?

13. Will you want photos shot vertically or horizontally? In a particular spot?

14. How will the photographer be paid? If charging by the hour, what is the rate? Is there a minimum number of hours? Is there a flat rate? 

15. How quickly will the photographer be able to deliver the pictures?

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