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12 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Live Band For Your Event In Nigeria

An owanbe without a Live band get as e be. When you think of the energy, excitement and mood that a Live Band provides, a recorded music cannot beat it. If you want to get your guest into the dancing mood, a live band can do the magic. There is a connection to your guests generated through a Live Band.  A live band is stimulating and original. Live music creates more intense emotions than streaming music

However, there have been many cases where a live band turned out to be a nightmare experience. This is due to some questions that were avoided or unanswered during the planning of the event. If you don't want bad surprises, there are questions to be asked and pondered upon before you sign up for a Live Band. Bad surprises can make a bad event. Some of the questions include;

1. Is the cost of hiring a live band within your budget?
2. What time will the performance take place?
3. What time will the event end?
4. Will you require the entertainers to extend their hours if the event exceeds the agreed time limit?
5. What is their equipment like? Is it tasteful, trashy or in disrepair? 
6. When will their equipment be arriving? How long will setup take?
7. Will they have their roll-up banner onstage and you comfortable with this?
Will the entertainers require a dressing room?
8. Do meals and refreshments for the entertainers need to be included in the budget? Will they be treated as  
guests, or will meals be set up in a separate room?
9. If entertainers are being served a meal, is there a specific time that is best, and do they have any special needs or requests?
10. Are there any songs that the band should not play?
11. What additional entertainment-related costs need to be factored into the budget?
12. Should they dress in a special way you want or they shall dress freely?