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How to Brand Your Event in Nigeria

No event is ever meaningful to anyone, but the right event branding will bring you the right crowd. The biggest advantage of branding your event is that it provides a relatively cost-effective solution for turning an event into a “must attend.”

 1. Give the event a great name – one word that it easy to remember

2. Keep your event brand consistent throughout all of your communication

3. Establish an online presence for your event, we create an easy and cost effective way to create excellent visual and text based content that triggers engagement

4. Create posters, flyers, banners, invitation cards, paper bags and Roll Up banners to strengthen the message of your brand

5. Get the suitable color balance, logo, fonts and imagery to make a stronger visual impact

6. Create and push a suitable name, tagline and hashtag for your event

7. Create a PR strategy to make your event heard and your brand stand out

8. Brand gifts souvenirs, pens, tote bags, books, T-shirts

9. Competitions and giveaways are not bad either. Nigerians love freebies.

10. Partner with other brands

11. Request for endorsements. That is an easy way to build trust\

12. Unveil detail about the event day by day in order to increase anticipation.

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