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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Date For Your Event in Nigeria


1. Event Size

2. Event Location

3. Audience Overlap

4. Past Event Attendance

5. Similar events in other locations

6. Some months are better. The best dates for conferences tend to be September, April and May.

7. Find Out When the Venue You Want Is Available

8. Consider the Schedule of Planners and the Keynote Speaker

9. Choose most the best day. Consider the “prime days” your audience is likely to attend. For business-related events, this is typically Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday – days where people are focused on business but do not significantly interrupt the work week. Conferences start on Wednesday or Thursday and run through Sunday. 

10. Political and public events. Not only will people be more inclined to focus on such events but the media will also primarily concentrate on political happenings and public events.

11. Public service disruption. Commuters in big cities know that nothing can ruin your weekend plans like “planned engineering works” 

12. Consider work hours

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