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Seven Things You Must Know Before Attending Any Owambe

You might have been wondering why you get passed over at every Owambe you attend. Why do the servers ignore you as if you 'no follow' come? Why did you have to shout yourself hoarse before you were served one miserable looking amala with a rock-like bokoto and a shaki that is so hard you're cursing under your breath?  Guy, if you don't understand how your mates are making it, na only you go waka come. Let me reveal the Owambe secrets to you. You can thank me later.  You don't need to know the celebrant. You just need to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the celebrant. Six degrees of separation l'obade. Have a well starched dress. If you're able to get one in your wardrobe that matches all the funny colours of today (turquoise blue, lilac red, lemon green, etc), that is fine. If not, come as you are. Nobody has been sent out of an owambe before for not being colour compliant. If it is agbada, it is