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Small Costs or Small Guests: What Does a Small Event Really Means to You?

Small events are becoming trendy in Nigeria. However, not knowing the type of small event you want could lead to getting the wrong results. This is because not all small events are the same. Small events do not necessarily mean ‘cheap’. 

The first thing you need to do is to clearly defined what ‘small’ means to you. Different people have different ideas of what a ‘small event’ means. 

To some people, a ‘small event’ simply means small number of guests. To others, it means low budget. Some events are small because they cost ‘small’ money. Here, the planner’s intention is to keep costs very low. 

While some are small because they have a small/few number of guests invited. In this type of event, the issue is not money, but about planning a classy event with only target invitees as guests. 

This kind of small event usually have less than 100 guests – such as celebrity wedding events and corporate gala nights. Now, the question is, what type of small event are you looking at? Why do you want to have a small event?

Small events are not necessarily the easiest to plan, and being clear of what you want is the start to making a plan that works. Most celebrities and renowned personalities in different walks of life organize ‘small’ but lavish events these days. 

‘Small event’ can mean ‘few guests’ and not ‘cheap’. In this case, a small event is only small if the guest list is as short as possible. 

One of the biggest challenges and the most stressful part of organizing a small elegant event lies in reducing the names of guest list. Get out a pen and be ready to cross out some names until you have the number of guests you desire. 

This is to prevent unplanned guests that may rob the ‘real’ invited guests. While keeping the size of your guest lists in mind, consider your venue options. Privacy is of the utmost importance, especially with a small guest list. 

Also, know your crowd and replace it with an activity you know everyone will enjoy. Note that with fewer people at the table, your guests will really relax, creating an intimate atmosphere. 

Fewer tables and a smaller space means that the only limit to your design is imagination. If there are small details you would love to include, an intimate small event is the perfect chance. 

Think about ways to keep your guests interacting with one another. When the event is small, every detail is noticed. There is no hiding behind the crowd at a small celebration. One of the advantages of a small event is that it allows you to spend quality time with the people that matter the most. 

If you love the idea of a really small event, you may need a thought of eloping. Consider heading to ‘Paris’ or any private locale. Therefore, when planning a ‘small event’, start off by deciding whether what you want is a low budget small event or an extravagant or low-key event with few guests.