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Different Colors for Different Events

With so many decisions to be made, it’s not doubt that choosing a suitable color for your event can feel overwhelming.
Colors speak volume of your event from invitation cards, cakes, and so on. Not only are colors important to for table designs, d├ęcor and lighting, but with flowers, fabrics and menu choices too! It is easy to be attracted to more than one color. At the end of the day, choosing the suitable colors all comes down to what makes you happy. However, most times, your preferable color may not be the suitable color. With so many great ideas out there, how do choose the color that perfectly works for your day?
  • Colors look differently depending on the environment in which they are seen or depending on the combination with other colors. That is why it is definitely a good idea to go look at the venue beforehand. Your venue plays a huge role in helping you select colors. The venue set the tone and overall aesthetics. The colors of the walls, drapes, carpet, floor tiles, furniture, etc. affect the color palette which you’ll choose for your event. If your venue indoor is painted in dull, dark colors, it is advisable to go bright and bold and vice-versa. However, choosing a color for a garden event can be tricky. Be careful not to choose a color that is already dominant in the garden floral.
  • In order to gain a better understanding of colors, you have to start off with the basic principles. Aside from the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, there are also shades of these colors. These are lighter or darker versions of a color. Make sure you understand the basic theories of color.
  • In the world of event, where eliciting the guests’ emotions is key, choosing the perfect   color is very important. Studies have shown that colors have an influence on people’s emotions and responses. Different colors create different emotions and mood. It is good to keep that in mind when choosing a color palette for your event. Children respond positively to combination of multiple bright colors. Be aware of the different emotions colors can evoke and also think well
    about the emotions which suit the atmosphere of your event. Whether you’re going for warm, uplifting colors (red, yellow, orange, green, gold) or cool, sophisticated palettes (blue, purple, indigo, black, silver), the colors should coordinate with the feeling and objectives the event evokes. White is great for creating a clean, pure feel. Often seen used in weddings. This color lends a feeling of innocence and simple beauty to an event that no other color can. Black is all about sophistication. It is the perfect choice for high-end events where elegance is desired. Purple is the color of royalty, wisdom, wealth and spirituality. Just be careful not to overuse it in, so as not to look gaudy. Blue is usually as neutral as far as cultural meanings go. Serene, peaceful, intelligence and loyalty. Blue helps lower our pulse rate and gives us a sense of calm. Green is the color to go for all things natural and organic. It signifies, health, a new beginning, sense of growth, optimism and care for the environment. Yellow is a bright, cheery but tricky color. It is the harshest color on the eyes, so it’s best used sparingly as an accent color at most events. Orange is vibrant, playful and perfect for events that require guests to be lively and energetic. Red is possibly the most emotionally charged color. Our eyes are drawn to it first when we enter a room and it increases our heart rate and blood pressure. It is used to express power and love. It is used at events where you want people moving. Check out the table. 
  • Your event should be totally about you or your brand. Your event should not only reflect your personality and also brand’s tone, but also make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are a cool, calm person, you should go for soft, soothing colors. On the other hand, if you are an eclectic or boisterous person, you should go all out for the loud colors. But the colors have to be mixed tastefully so as not to end up with a garish clash of colors.
  • What attributes of your brand do you want to highlight? If your event is based around your brand, you’ll want to make sure the colors you choose compliments it. Although one color may seem like the best choice, it is important to really look at it from all angles. For example, a food fair promoting a new all-natural food brand should consider a green or white color, rather than its blue brand color. This is because blue is the least appetizing color, as not many foods naturally appear in that color. More so, keeping your event colors new and trendy ends up making you or your brand look trendy as well.
  • Different temperatures determine different colors.
    Though the warm colors create a more intimate environment, a case should be made for colder colors in warm weather. Black and white should be sparingly used, unless it is a night event that has a party atmosphere with lots of bright and colorful lighting. Never forget that white is also a good light reflector. Hence, always consider the time and season your event is taking place. For the sake of guest’s comfort, in a hot weather, black can be feel awful. This is because it absorbs heat. You don’t want your event to feel like hell. 
  • Sometimes,
    you just have to be color creative or adventurous. No need to go with the status quo. Stay away from current trends (if you want to). Don’t feel like you have to stick with the obvious colors of each season. It’s okay to step outside the box. If you love the color, don’t be afraid to use it.

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