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How To Plan A Low Cost Wedding In Nigeria

Worried about how you will afford the wedding of your dreams? Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, not occasions that break the bank. You need a better idea of how to plan a wedding without going broke. You can find a less expensive alternative to almost every element. Take some time to investigate your options and keep your eyes out for bargains and ways to save. You may be surprised by how easy it is to throw a champagne wedding on a beer budget. There are plenty of ways to save money when planning a wedding and still have a great event. All you need to do is be a little creative.
  • Figure out which elements of the wedding and reception are most important to you. Those are the things on which you will spend the most money. Then, balance them by spending less—or not including—the elements that are less important to you. Not everyone has to have a ceremony location that is extravagantly decorated. Most people could get by with little or no extra decorations at their ceremony location. 
  • If you talk about the finances of a wedding upfront, you will save yourself from plenty of awkward moments closer to the wedding. This is also the time to convey your thoughts on the style of the wedding. Gather together everyone who will be involved in financing the wedding and talk about expectations. Be open and discuss ideas about how many people will be invited, whether the wedding will be formal or informal and other aspects that could significantly affect the price of the wedding. Although many people think that a wedding is a time to splurge, and forget about being practical and frugal, it is not a time to let expenses get out of hand. Doing so could saddle you with debt for years to come. Before you get too far into planning the big event, sit down and talk. List everything you can think of and walk through these items step by step. Earlier you get started, more things you can think about early, less “last minute stress” you’ll have and more time you’ll have to find sales and discounts and research other good ideas. 
  • If you don’t have a budget in mind, it becomes easier to spend thousands more than you expected. Choose a number and stick it.
  • Pre-agree on a specific number of guests. Although you might be tempted to throw everyone you know on your guest list, that isn’t always a great idea. With each addition you make, you make an additional cost. Many fall into this trap. By setting a limit to the number of people to invite to your wedding, you can save money on catering and venue. If you are making food for 300 guests, it’s cheaper than making food for 1,000 guests. And a hall that would take 1,000 guests could cost about #1 million, whereas a hall that would accommodate 250 guests could go for about #120,000. Imagine how much you have saved. Don’t invite people you don’t know so well simply because you feel obligated. To save as much as you can, try inviting fewer people and making the event more intimate. Invite only those that actually matter. Think twice before giving out invitation cards to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street. It is better to have fewer guests that would enjoy the event than having large number where majority would be dissatisfied or disgruntled. Read also Why Guests Are Vexed and Impatient Over Food at Most Public Events
  • If you’re getting married in your church, ask for help. Most churches have a women’s organization that is often willing to help with wedding preparations. Get them involved. They can take a lot of worry off your shoulders. The “church ladies” can be of great help with church decoration and other helpful things on the day of the ceremony. Close friends and families can surprisingly have good ideas that can save you money and effort. They could have something you could borrow for your special day.
  • Save money on invitation cards by using cheap bulk SMS text messages, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, Emails and so on to invite your age mates, colleagues and friends. Be sure to let people know in the messages that they should consider the text messages as their formal invitation cards to the wedding.  Only print invitation cards for older guests and your parents’ friends. Not matter how expensive or beautiful your wedding invitation card is, it will surely end up in the dustbin.
  • Another way to save cost on wedding venue is to hold your religious joining ceremony and reception at one venue to save duplicate venue hire.
  • To save cost on feeding guests twice, choose to have both your trad and white wedding on the same day. And, if for any reason, the two weddings can’t hold on the same day and you still want to save cost, invite only a handful of your close friends and families to the traditional wedding, so that the white wedding can be for the bigger audience.
  • To reduce crowd and unwanted guests, avoid setting your wedding date on a special month/week. Choose a non-peak and less traditional time to get married. Avoid popular Nigerian wedding months like December, Easter holidays, major public holidays, Valentine’s day weekend. Choose a weekday instead of a Saturday.
  • A day before your wedding or about four hours before, take yourself to the hair salon to do your wedding day hair, instead of bringing the hairdresser to your bridal suite to charge you for extra home-service.
  • Something will surely go wrong at the last minute – a little detail of some sort won’t work out. Know that something little is going to go wrong. Don’t just worry about it. Avoid the urge to throw money at the problem. Most likely, no one will even notice the issue, and quite often someone in your wedding party will often come up with a pretty good solution to fix things.
  • One of people’s motivations when it comes to wedding planning is to impress and show people that they are well to do. Don’t seek to impress, because no couple receives an award for planning the most expensive wedding.
  • One good way to have a beautiful, low-cost would be to talk to an event planner who would help to reconcile the couple’s expectations with what their budget would cover. Even though most people run away from engaging the services of event planners, erroneously thinking they can’t afford it, talking to a credible event planner is the way to go. Perhaps, one way people run into ‘trouble’ during their wedding is when they give certain important duties to unqualified family members. Once family members are in charge, you could be looking at a flop, because they would take care of themselves and their own. More so, there’s a limit to how you could speak to them. But a professional event planner would ensure that everybody gets a fair, equal treatment and not that someone would just come and ask for 50 pieces of meat. Often times, this lack of planning and mismanagement brings about shortage.

What are you doing or plan to do to reduce costs in your upcoming wedding? 


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