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Hot Topic: Absent Dubai Based Husband Represented By a Pillow Weds Beautiful Bride

A woman married her absent Dubai husband with pillow yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun state. We have all the photos below. Scroll down to see them. According to social media reports, the woman’s Dubai-based fiance was for reasons currently unknown, unable to attend his own wedding, so a throw pillow was used to represent him. In the wedding pictures, his bride is seen gorgeously and tastefully dressed as she beams with joy. This won’t be the first time a Nigerian woman is getting married to an absent abroad-based husband who was represented with pillows. But as usual, this lady’s current wedding has drawn a lot of reactions online, with many Nigerians criticizing the move, while others expressed shock. Will you do this for any reason? Please, drop your comments below.

Enough of Empty Seats and Low Attendance in Your Events (Part 1)

Poor attendance is one of the biggest frustrations in most events. I know how it feels scanning your event room, proud of the job you did organizing a dope event, but empty chairs fill the room. Some people really do not understand that not showing up to an event costs money, wastes resources and makes it difficult to plan the next event effectively. What went wrong? Sure, unpredictable stuffs come up. It’s easy to write off poor attendance on the premise that people simply are overscheduled. “I should be there is different from “I will be there”, but we often don’t notice the difference until we’re staring bitterly at empty seats. So, what can be done to ensure your seats are filled? Make sure your event information gives detailed instructions on how to make it to the event for those that wants it. This includes venue address, arrival time, driving and parking instructions and anything else that will be useful to your busy guests. If this is a local event, send an email

Why Guests Are Vexed and Impatient Over Food at Most Public Events

A serious fight broke out between some ladies at a public event. According to eye witnesses, the fight started following a tensed argument over food at the event. The ladies who were ‘dressed to kill’ in red and white attire – threw punches at each other and dragged themselves by the hair while the fight raged on. Even one of the ladies’ wig was removed in the clash and some who tried to separate the fight, pushed away. Other guests and staff at the event who were left shocked and embarrassed by the fight, later separated the aggrieved ladies. Food is often one of the largest, if not the largest expenses for most events. As budget continues to shrink and the cost of food continues to rise, our capability to cater and serve our event guests satisfactorily increase our heartbeats. If serving food at events was really about feeding people, it would probably be more cost effective to give guests and attendees cash or vouchers to go across the street to the nearest fast food restaurant