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Pictures from Africa's Week 2018

Selected pictures from various African countries to mark the 2018 Africa's Week
 Dancers were also grabbing attention in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they were marking Chinese New Year.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where conflict continues to send people fleeing for safety, an internally displaced woman sits and waits.

Bright colours also caught this photographer's eye in Dapchi, a Nigerian town coming to terms with another mass kidnapping.

It was smiles all round in Abidjan for Ghana's women's football team, who beat hosts Ivory Coast to win the first West African Football Union (UFOA) zone B women's tournament final.
It is not every day you see an elephant upside down and suspended in the air, but in Nyeri county, Kenya, that is exactly what was happening

It was people who were flying in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, during its first Circus Festival.

A mother was welcoming her newborn in a hospital in Juba, South Sudan. The country is one of the most dangerous places on earth to give birth, UNICEF revealed. 

Dambe boxers from northern Nigeria show off their prowess in the southern city of Lagos. Dambe is a brutal style of fighting where one wrapped fist is a designated spear and the other a shield,  

In Kenya, dancers observed all the necessary security protocols as they headed through Jomo Kenyatta International to welcome the FIFA World Cup trophy.

This member of Kenyan acrobat group Kibera Messenger breathes fire during a performance in Nairobi.