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TRENDING: Traditional Marriage of an Australian Groom and His Nigerian bride (Pictures)

True love they say, knows no skin colour, culture, religion or any other boundaries. The union of yet another beautiful interracial couple has proven this, leaving the internet in awe. When it comes to being with the love of your life, there is always that willingness to go the extra mile for them. There are just no limits to the things one can do for a true love and when it comes to taking risks for them, the list is endless. Love generally comes with acceptance and that is what this Australian man has proven.
 Identified as Peter Gresser, he recently got married to his beautiful bride named Beverly. The traditional wedding
which took place in December 2017 has become what almost everybody is talking about as Peter stole the show when he stepped out in the Igbo traditional attire called Isi Agu and later changed into the Yoruba Agbada. The excited bride took to her Instagram page to share photos from the colorful ceremony.


  1. beautiful dress Bobo you too fine fine Bobo correct guy


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