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Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing the Traditional Wedding?

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The Favourite Smallchops In Nigerian Events

If you have ever attended any Nigerian event, you will agree that NIGERIANS LOVE MEAT, whether goat meat, pig meat, chicken or beef. Just like football, when it comes to meat, Nigeria is one.   In Nigeria, no small chop dish is complete without Asun or Suya. It is the favourite small chops at Nigerian events. Asun and Suya are two popular street delicacies that have found their way into most Nigerian events.  Nothing is more annoying that hosting an event called Asun Night, only for guests to end up eating Suya. This is because most Nigerians don't know the difference between Asun and Suya. Asun is a Nigerian small chops served in most Nigerian events as an appetizer. It is usually a grilled or barbecued goat meat with lots of pepper and often served with other small chops. Asun is largely different from the normal roasted goat meat or 'Isi Ewu'. The name 'Asun' originated from the SouthWestern Nigeria. One thing that is unarguable is that suya is not a breakfast fo

8 Reasons Why A 'Court Wedding' Is The Best Choice For You

Registry wedding is a great option for intending couples and it has many advantages 1. Less Expensive If you cannot afford the extravagant ceremony, a registry wedding is the best alternative for you. It is the simplest and cheapest type of marriage. 2. Less Demanding Planning a wedding in Nigeria can be very hectic. With a registry wedding, the stress is less.  3. No Crowd. Registry wedding is usually a small event for family members and intimate friends. It is not a 'Noah's Ark' event. In fact, you can have your registry wedding on a weekday. 4. No Time wasting Registry wedding no dey waste time. In some cases, every activity to be done in a registry wedding can be wrapped up in 30 minutes.  5. No Paparazzi No songs. No sermons. No bridal train. No noise. No special decoration. 6. No Dresscode Come as you are is the dresscode for registry wedding. A wedding gown or a suit is not compulsory.  7. Legal Protection Registry wedding protects both the husband and the wife again

16 Things You Did Not Know About Planning a Bridal Shower in Nigeria

1. What is a bridal shower? Bridal shower is a pre-wedding get-together for the bride-to-be, and her intimate friends. It is a mini-party to celebrate the upcoming wedding. It is designed to 'shower' the bride with good wishes and gifts. 2. Who host a bridal shower?  Usually, it is the duty of the maid of honour or bridesmaid to organize the bridal shower. Whoever is hosting it must communicate early enough to the bride-to-be to make sure another person is not planning a separate shower. It is not ideal for the bride-to-be, her mother or mother-in-law to host the bridal shower. 3. Where is the ideal location for a bridal shower? Since it is an informal party, it can be held at the house of the bride-to-be or any of the bridesmaids house, a restaurant or hotel. It can also be done in a family member's home. Read also  13 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing the Most Suitable Venue for Your Event In Nigeria 4. Who bears the cost? Ideally, whoever organizes the bridal shower

19 Security Measures That Must Be Considered When Planning Any Event In Nigeria

On the 26th June 1994, there was a Kampala Wedding Massacre in Uganda and 26 guests were killed at the venue. In a country like Nigeria that has been tagged one of the most terrorized countries in Africa, event security is now important than ever.  Event security is more than hiring bouncers to mount the entry door. It is the most underrated components in most events. There is a threat to security any time you host an event where guests gather physically. Every guest in every public event is in a potential danger. In every event, large and small, security needs to be in place. In fact, we advise that you must never attend any event where your security is not guaranteed. In the course of planning your event, you must put security measures in place. You must ensure that your event is secured and your guests are safe. The security and safety of your guests and their properties should be a priority. 1. Assess your event venue Know the venue inside and outside. How is porous is the venue? A

13 Things You Did Not Know About 'Court Wedding' In Nigeria

1. There is nothing like COURT WEDDING. It is a misconception. What we have is REGISTRY WEDDING or MARRIAGE UNDER THE ACT. The court is not conferred with power to conduct marriages. 2. There are seven federal marriage registries in Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Kano and Jos. 3. There are marriage registries across all states and local government areas in Nigeria.  4. Registry wedding takes only four steps. a. Agreement between intending couples b. Swear an affidavit c. Issuing of certificate and fixing of wedding date d. Registry Wedding 5. One of the intending couples must reside in the district where the registry wedding will take place. 6. The intending couples must be at least 21 years old. Below 21, will need a prove of consent in writing from parents or guardians. In fact, intending couples can be joined together legally without the parental consent, as long as they are not less than 21 years old.  Read also Why Registry Wedding Is The Most Important Weddi

Red Carpet Events In Nigeria: 11 Things You Must Know

Red carpets were initially used by high profile individuals, celebrities and VIPs at ceremonial events to mark walking routes. Customarily, the red carpet is used for a few people with privileged treatment. The red carpet is only rolled out for distinguished visitors to walk on when they first arrive at a high-class event. Today, it a free experience for anyone of any class. You can hardly go to any Nigerian event nowadays without seeing a red carpet. In fact, no Nigerian event is complete without a red carpet. Incorporating a red carpet into your events makes your guests fill special. Red carpet provides an elegant grand entrance for your guests.  Mind you, what you find today in most Nigerian wedding receptions is not a red carpet. It is a photo booth for guests. Before you roll out the red carpet at the entrance of the event, there some important things you must know.  1. Create a Space For Red carpet in the event venue Red carpets are usually done around the entrance of the event v

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Consider A 'Court Wedding' In Nigeria

Registry wedding is a great option. However, before you consider it, there are some disadvantages. 1. It is Time Demanding The process of a registry wedding is time demanding because of the many prerequisites. After filling all the necessary forms, your notice will be examined and pasted on the door of the Registry office for 21 days. Sometimes, it may take about 3 months to sort out all the paperworks for a registry wedding. 2. It is Risky When filling the document, all information provided must be accurate, else it one may end up in jail. Read also 8 Reasons Why A'Court Wedding'Is The Best Choice For You 3. It is not free Registry weddings are not totally free. A fee has to be paid to the registry office and this fee differs. However, it not usually more than #25,000. 4. Case of Divorce Before you say "God forbid," remember that anything can go wrong in marriage and when this happens, you know what it means. Divorce  comes with its load of consequences. Read also 13

Why Registry Wedding Is The Most Important Wedding In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have two kinds of recognized marriages; Customary marriage (this includes the Islamic Marriage) Statutory  Marriage ( not white wedding ) A traditional marriage is not necessarily a customary marriage. The customs, practices and traditions of (both parties) governs such solely. A traditional marriage especially in Nigeria simply pays allegiance to traditions and practices without being bound by such laws once a statutory marriage is done. It is an example of 'giving unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar'.  In Nigeria, a statutory marriage overrides a customary (traditional) marriage. The statutory marriage backed by 'The Marriage Act' completely cancels the other. The Marriage Act governs statutory marriage in Nigeria. That is why it is simply referred to as Marriage under the Act. Read also Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing the Traditional Wedding? A statutory marriage has the flavour of the law and recognizes just one man married to one woman.

How To Be A ‘ Mr. Chairman’ In Any Owanbe Event In Nigeria

If you live in Yorubaland, there is every likelihood that you’ll be invited to be the chairman at an event- at least once in your lifetime. That’s a statement of fact. We always have ceremonies and events and none is complete without a chairman- parlour weddings, naming ceremonies, graduation events referred to as ‘freedom’, weddings, book launches, alumni events, religious events such as anniversaries, bazaars and so on. There is an art to handling the role of the Chairman but first, you must congratulate yourself if you are ever invited to chair a Nigerian event. The organizers have looked at your star and it is either you have been perceived to have ‘arrived’ or you’re on the way. Either way, you’re a Nigerian Big Man or Woman. So the first thing you must note is that a chairman never comes to an event alone and never on time. Read that very slowly and let me repeat this for the sake of emphasis.  If you’re the chairman of an event, never go there alone and never too early. A true

How to Select the Best MC for Your Event in Nigeria

Have you ever been to an event where you wanted to leave because it was boring? Planning an event can be very hectic and most times, in the process of planning, choosing the best MC for your event can be overlooked or under budgeted for.    MCs have now become an integral part of every event.  They  are responsible for keeping to the program of the event, making important announcements and responding to audience questions and comments.  The MC works the crowd in your event to achieve your objectives. He suggests ways to shuffle the order of the event and overcome setbacks. Most of your pressure of handling your guests will be shared by the MC.    A good MC makes sure that they go through the agenda of the event and make plans for the entire event, to ensure everything goes according to plan. The MC is the crucial link between various portions of your event and will help connect the dots, improving the experience of the audience.    There are several ways the MC will influence the setti

Seven Things You Must Do for Pigeons to Fly at Your Event

Pigeons or dove release is usually done at occasions to symbolize peace or to commemorate the passing of a loved one. At such events, a single bird or a flock is released from a cage thereby creating a beautiful scene to behold. However, when the release is not properly executed, the birds may not fly which may lead to disappointment. There are things you must do to avoid such; Ensure that the wings of the are not clipped Buy birds freshly captured from the wild Make sure that they are in an environment where they will feel safe when released Hire professionals to do the job Don’t release during a bad weather Don’t release indoors or at night Don’t make use of squabs Read also How To Creatively Style Your Event In Nigeria

How to Create the Perfect Mood and Energy in Your Event In Nigeria

What feeling do you want your guests to have during and after your event? Every event is all about creating memorable events. Your event should be less about you and more about your guests. Every event gives off energy. The venue, the decor, the music, the food and drink, the activities and the guest mix all contribute to the energy in the room and the mood being set. Setting the right mood for your event does not just come from one thing. It is a combination of several elements that create a perfect mood and energy.   The energy you create in your event can make or mar your event. Poor design planning with regards to timing, logistics and layout can literally drain the energy from a room. This is the feeling you experience when things go flat; there is dead air, stilted conversation or awkward silences and the room becomes devoid of energy. Negative energy can fill a room when there are overlooked areas of congestion, long waits, hungry or tired guests, and insufficient seats. 1.