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Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing the Traditional Wedding?

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Platform For Your Virtual Event In Nigeria

One of the major differences between an in-person event and virtual event is venue. An in-person event is held in a physical location while a virtual event is held on a video conferencing platform where attendees can connect, engage and listen to your speakers.  There are many digital tools available online, but not all platforms are suitable for your virtual event. Different platforms have their pros and cons.  You have to know your event objective so as to match it with the most suitable virtual platform. The right platform can make all the difference in a virtual event. 1. Choose a virtual event platform that allows you to stay connected from the beginning to the end Some platforms require a stronger internet connection and fast bandwidth to stay connected.  Don't forget that your attendees will be connecting to your event from different locations, different devices and different network services. 2. Choose an easily accessible virtual event platform platform Does the digital to

22 Strategies To Prevent Uninvited Guests From Attending Your Event In Nigeria

Have you ever attended an event where the venue was jam-packed, food and drinks were insufficient and you couldn't enjoy the activities comfortably?  This happens often because there is no estimated attendance. Usually, caterers and event venue managers will ask you the size of your guest list before giving you a price quotation. Events are supposed to be intimate, fun and engaging. The less people you invite, the more intimate your event can be. However,  we cannot but admit that most Nigerian events are made up of invited, uninvited and unexpected guests.  One unique characteristic about Nigerian events is that some of the guest you invited will not show up while people who you did not invite will end up attending the event. In every Nigerian event, there are guests of guests who assume that they can attend your events uninvited. You must understand that with every additional guest, your budget increases. Irrespective of your budget, you want the right crowd, not just a crowd.  I

Effective and Creative Ways To Engage Your Audience In a Virtual Event in Nigeria

One advantage of hosting an in-person event over a virtual event is audience engagement.The major obstacle to planning a successful virtual event is engagement.  However, if you think that virtual event do not provide an opportunity for engagement, you are wrong. In any event, whether in-person or virtual, audience engagement is the KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful virtual event.  Engaging attendees in a virtual event is not as easy as it seems. This is because it is very easy for your guests to get distracted when attending your virtual event. 1. Make it real A virtual event can also feel real, if you are willing to make it work. You have to be creative about it.  Carrying your audience along, making them really feel the vibe and making them actively participate in your virtual event is real work. The more real it feels, the more active participation and engagement you will get. 2. Integrate audience engagem

14 Reasons Why An Event Center Is The Perfect Venue For Your Event In Nigeria

The choice of venue is an important decision to make when planning your event because it affect the overall experience of your guests and the success of your event. 1. Comfort Whether it is a wedding, social gathering or corporate event, the goal is to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Your guests can never feel comfortable sitting under the scorching or freezing cold. Bugs, sun flies and other flying insects and animals may make your guests feel uncomfortable or distracted. Flies that hang around the serving point in an outdoor event can be very disgusting also. 2. Cost When you consider your budget, an event center may seem expensive, but it is not in the actual sense. Setting up in an event center is easier and pocket friendly. Outdoor events need a field, tents, chairs and tables.  The time and logistics involved in setting these up can be used for other productive things. Most of these chairs and tables are usually dirty and not presentable, you may need to rent chair cover

How To Plan A Hitch-free Virtual Event In Nigeria

Every event in Nigeria is either in-person, hybrid or virtual. Why in-person events are invaluable, we are faced with reality where planning a virtual event is becoming a necessity.  A virtual event is similar to a physical event except that it takes place online. A virtual event may be a wedding, corporate or social gathering. In a virtual event, you can either connect with your participants via a video chat or voice call.  Going virtual means everyone can connect and engage in real-time from different locations around the world.   A virtual event has its own pros and cons just like an in-person event. It is cheaper: no travel or accommodation booking is required.  When you think of the cost of hiring an event decorator, ushers etc., a virtual event is cheaper than an in-person event. It is more convenient because it can be accessible anytime, anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. There is a high level of participation because more people can actively participate in a

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Event In Nigeria

There is a lot of task involved in planning an event, that you may forget to place enough time on promoting your event using social media. Whether you are hosting a physical or virtual event, social media is a powerful tool to promote your event in Nigeria. One advantage of marketing your event on social media is that it increases guest attendance. If you want to successfully promote your event on social media, you have to be strategic, creative and engaging. The whole essence of promoting your event on social media is to connect with potential attendees before, during and after your event. platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be effective in promoting your next event. 1. Know the appropriate social platform to use If you do not firstly clarify who your target audience, your efforts to promote your event on social media may be futile. When planning your event, everybody and anybody cannot be your target audience. You have to be specific. If you know your targe