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Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing the Traditional Wedding?

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What Does a Black Wedding Gown Mean?

Black symbolizes power, mystery, strength, elegance, formality and sophistication. It is a positive and empowering colour, especially for women. That is why it is often the colour of choice for women in positions, power and authority. Black is beautiful... Read also Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing The Traditional Wedding?

How To Plan An Event During Ramadan

T he Islamic Holy month of Ramadan is here. Every year, Ramadan falls on a different date according to the lunar calendar, which is based on the phases of the moon. Ramadan is observed by Muslims all over the world; during this time, they fast from dawn to sunset. This means they refrain from any food and drink during those hours.  It lasts for around thirty days, during which Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. Nigeria has over 90 million Muslims. This is why as a  Event Managers,we cannot overlook the importance of cultural sensitivity when planning an event during Ramadan. We are not oblivion that some events have been scheduled to hold during the Ramadan season; which means some of your attendees may be fasting this month.  While you cannot reschedule an event during this month, there are plenty of ways to help Muslims feel at ease at your event during the holy month 1. Let Physical Activities Come First If your event requires physical activity or high levels of concentration,

How to Creatively Style Your Event

In one event, guests where served garri (cassava flakes), sugar and shrimps. In another event, guests where given ‘ayo olopon’ (African Board Game) to play with. Some guests sit on traditional mats rather than sit on a chair. In a reunion event of 1983 Graduating Set, only country music was played. Some events are all white party. Different events, different styles.   Event styling is the cement that binds your event. Your event style is the atmosphere or overall effect you are trying to achieve. Styles can be mixed and matched to create something new. Style is personalized. There are no “shoulds” in style and style is never about money. Your event style will influence the choice of invitations, venue, guest attire, flowers, decor, music, entertainment, food and beverages. Your end result will be layers of ambiance flowing together to create your event style. The event style you select will lend itself to conveying the emotion surrounding your event. An event that has a fun theme

15 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Photographer For Your Event

1. Know the best style of photographer to give you the results you are looking for—traditional photographer (posed shots) or a photojournalist-style photographer (capturing what is going on in the room). 2.Think carefully about how many photographers you need (you may want one photographer stationed in a central spot for specific shots of celebrity guests, for instance, and another to cover the ongoing  events in the room as they are happening). 3. Consider hiring a professional videographer to video your event, either in addition to or in replacement of a photographer . 4. Know the reputation of the photographer you are hiring. 5. If it is a high-profile event, is the photographer you are considering familiar with key celebrities and society guests? 6. Have you advised the photographers of dress code and protocol? 7. Are you familiar with the photographer’s work? Have you seen samples and talked to references? 8. Do you have specific groupings of photos that you want taken? Who wil

12 Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Live Band For Your Event

An owanbe without a Live band get as e be. When you think of the energy, excitement and mood that a Live Band provides, a recorded music cannot beat it. If you want to get your guest into the dancing mood, a live band can do the magic. There is a connection to your guests generated through a Live Band.  A live band is stimulating and original.  Live music creates more intense emotions than streaming music .  However, there have been many cases where a live band turned out to be a nightmare experience. This is due to some questions that were avoided or unanswered during the planning of the event. If you don't want bad surprises, there are questions to be asked and pondered upon before you sign up for a Live Band. Bad surprises can make a bad event. Some of the questions include; 1. Is the cost of hiring a live band within your budget? 2. What time will the performance take place? 3. What time will the event end? 4. Will you require the entertainers to extend their hours if the even

The Most Important Details to be Included in Every Invitation Card

An invitation card is important for every event. Irrespective of the form your invitation card may take, there are very important details that must be included in it. Leaving out any of these details can have a major effect on your event and your potential attendees. » Number of Guests Invited » Event Name » Event Description » Date » Time (Beginning/Ending/Schedule of Events) » Venue » Directions » Parking Details » Dress Code » RSVP Address, Telephone and Fax Number » Ticket Order Form (if applicable) » Return Reply Envelope (optional) Note:  If you want your potential attendees to come along with the invitation card on the event day, ensure to include this detail also. "Come along with your Invitation Card" or  "This event is strictly by Invitation" or  "This Invitation Card is also the entry pass" Read also What Does RSVP In An Invitation Card Really Means

13 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing the Most Suitable Venue for Your Event

Choosing the right venue is a big decision. It will set the tone for your entire event. If the location is shabby, cheap, or doesn’t meet the event’s needs, your event will suffer.  If you design your event around a venue just to lock up a date quickly, you may end up compromising what is important to the event and miss out on something very special. You will end up planning an event to fit the building, not designing one that will deliver the results you are looking for. When looking for a place to hold your event—be it weddings, corporate events or social gatherings, you will need to consider some key factors 1. Where is your event taking place? Your guest list will be a factor in deciding your event location. Where do most of the guests live and what transportation costs will be needed? Your event location can influence who attends your event. Your venue’s location should be easy to find and not arduous to reach. 2. What season of the year will your event take place? Even seaso

The Most Effective Way To Use Hashtag To Brand Your Event

A hashtag is any word or unbroken word-grouping (no spaces) with a # sign in front of it, used on a social platform like Twitter or LinkedIn. A hashtag links your individual posts with all other posts containing that hashtag, giving it greater exposure and longevity, and connecting it to larger conversations.  Hashtag that is associated with an event is to enable those at the event (and sometimes those who could not make it in person) to connect to one another, share their thoughts, experiences, and content, and continue to network after the event. Effectively using a hashtag for your event is just one aspect of running a successful social-media campaign. As simple as it seems, having a clearly branded and relevant hashtag will elevate your social presence. For large events to succeed you need to amplify and promote the heck out of them, especially on social media The use of hashtags has evolved beyond simply adding a “#” before keywords. Hashtags are everywhere and there are many ways

After Your Event, What Next?

Taking a critical and informed look at the event as a whole will allow you to improve over time, will give you vital information you can use to sell to sponsors and sign up great speakers next time, and can help you understand where your budget went. After your event, what next? Begin to evaluate your event right away, and put your conclusions in writing. What should you evaluate? Registration and attendance • How did your registration numbers compare against your goals? • What was your no-show rate? • Would you plan differently for food and budget, knowing the no-show rate? • Was the registration process smooth all the way from signup to check-in? • Would you work with the registration tool again? • What can you do to increase registration numbers and actual attendance next time? • Did your engaged audience grow before, during and after the event? Budget • What were some of the budget “surprises”? • Were the big-ticket items worth the expense? • What would you do differently next time

The Best Advice For Every Intending Couple In Nigeria

A WISE MAN ONCE SAID... Never plan a wedding with the hope that you will recover your money in gifts at the end. You will cry hot tears... Make sure you can afford it and then go ahead. Read also How To Plan A Low Cost Event in Nigeria You're not having a wedding ceremony to impress or outdo anybody. When you watch your videos, none of that will matter. It should be the wedding of your dreams however, and if your dream wedding is by the seaside with 10 people in attendance... Go ahead and have it. I beg you. Borrowing to have a wedding is the WORST idea in the world, second to drinking Agbo to dilute the sugar you drank. If you're broke after your wedding, then you overspent. However, let every person do what pleases them. Selah!

What Does RSVP In An Event Invitation Card Really Means?

Before now, you thought RSVP meant Rice Stew Very Plenty. Right? Far from it. RSVP is the shortened form of the French phrase, 'Répondez S'il Vous Plait' which means 'please reply'. When this abbreviation is written in an invitation, it means that the organisers would like you to confirm that you would attend the event. Invitees may also be required to confirm attendance by a specified time. For example, when an invitation reads, 'RSVP by 30th of January, 2020', invitees are expected to send a positive response, on or before the specified date. Some event organisers take this seriously and make plans based on feedback. They may interpret your silence as being rude or as a rejection or they could just assume that you are undecided. Meanwhile, other people just write 'RSVP' as a mere formality. In any case, it's a good idea for invitees to communicate their response to the organisers. Organisers could also send reminders. Read also Seven Thing

How to Brand Your Event in Nigeria

No event is ever meaningful to anyone, but the right event branding will bring you the right crowd. The biggest advantage of branding your event is that it provides a relatively cost-effective solution for turning an event into a “must attend.”  1.  Give the event a great name – one word that it easy to remember 2. Keep your event brand consistent throughout all of your communication 3. Establish an online presence for your event, we create an easy and cost effective way to create excellent visual and text based content that triggers engagement 4. Create posters, flyers, banners, invitation cards, paper bags and Roll Up banners to strengthen the message of your brand 5. Get the suitable color balance, logo, fonts and imagery to make a stronger visual impact 6. Create and push a suitable name, tagline and hashtag for your event 7. Create a PR strategy to make your event heard and your brand stand out 8. Brand gifts souvenirs, pens, tote bags, books, T-shirts 9. Competitions  and givea

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Date For Your Event in Nigeria

  1. Event Size 2. Event Location 3. Audience Overlap 4. Past Event Attendance 5. Similar events in other locations 6. Some months are better. The best dates for conferences tend to be September, April and May. 7. Find Out When the Venue You Want Is Available 8. Consider the Schedule of Planners and the Keynote Speaker 9. Choose most the best day. Consider the “prime days” your audience is likely to attend. For business-related events, this is typically Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday – days where people are focused on business but do not significantly interrupt the work week. Conferences start on Wednesday or Thursday and run through Sunday.  10. Political and public events. Not only will people be more inclined to focus on such events but the media will also primarily concentrate on political happenings and public events. 11. Public service disruption. Commuters in big cities know that nothing can ruin your weekend plans like “planned engineering works”  12. Consider work hours Read a

Seven Things You Must Know Before Attending Any Owambe

You might have been wondering why you get passed over at every Owambe you attend. Why do the servers ignore you as if you 'no follow' come? Why did you have to shout yourself hoarse before you were served one miserable looking amala with a rock-like bokoto and a shaki that is so hard you're cursing under your breath?  Guy, if you don't understand how your mates are making it, na only you go waka come. Let me reveal the Owambe secrets to you. You can thank me later.  You don't need to know the celebrant. You just need to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows the celebrant. Six degrees of separation l'obade. Have a well starched dress. If you're able to get one in your wardrobe that matches all the funny colours of today (turquoise blue, lilac red, lemon green, etc), that is fine. If not, come as you are. Nobody has been sent out of an owambe before for not being colour compliant. If it is agbada, it is

200 Bridesmaids: Sandra Ikeji Breaks World Record At Her Wedding

Sandra Ikeji who is also the younger sister of the popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has broken the world record at her wedding yesterday which was held at Landmark Event Centre, Lagos. She made history when she used 200 bridesmaids for her wedding. This is the longest train of bridesmaids in the world and the highest number of bridesmaids ever used in the world. The previous Guinness World Record was held by Tina Ackles (USA) with 168 bridesmaids in 2015. Sandra is the CEO of Blackdove Models, one of the leading commercial modeling agencies in Nigeria. She is also the CEO of Events by SI, an event planning and outfit.

Viral couple who indicated ‘No Reception’ on their wedding Invitation card, gets surprise reception party from friends

Couple whose wedding invitation card went viral for excluding reception from their wedding, gets surprise reception party from friends. Usually, the norm at most weddings is for guests to move to the reception hall after the white wedding but interestingly, the young couple, Blessing and Adewale indicated otherwise for their wedding in Yaba. After the wedding invitation went viral, receiving mixed reactions, some friends of the couple decided to throw them a surprise reception party.  The groom Adewale Yusuf, who is a tech guru, said ‘so the weekend was full of drama as our wedding IV trended because of our #NoReception decision. I’m glad my wife is laughing about it now, because it wasn’t funny over the weekend. Thanks to everyone that insulted or defended us, we’re happy with our decision’. Explaining how he was tricked to a reception by his colleagues, Adewale Yusuf said they only wanted a small wedding but got dragged into a surprise wedding reception which was all paid

NOVEL Nigeria Trains 55 Nigerian Youths in One Year

In the last one year, no fewer than 55 Nigerian youths has benefitted immensely from the training empowerment program organized by NOVEL Nigeria. The training had technical and hands-on practical sessions on specialized courses including; Photography, Bag Making & Ankara Accessories, Event Decoration, Blog & Web Design, Cakes and Graphic Designing. The training was to prepare them to contribute their quotas in moving the country to a higher level of development. The skills acquisition training was also to equip them on how to be self-reliant i n a bid to build and nurture the young dexterous workforce in the society. In August 2019, NOVEL Nigeria partnered with the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to certify seven youths who participated in the second edition of the training.  All the trainees were excited about the empowerment scheme and pledged to emerge as entrepreneurs, creating jobs fo

#Vocationaltraining: Freqeuntly Asked Questions

NOVEL Nigeria Joins Plogging Club in Environmental Cleanup

NOVEL Nigeria took to the street this morning in a picking and jogging exercise held today at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. This was in partnership with Plogging Nigeria.  Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter. It was fun and educative. Beyond business, we are good citizens in the community where we live and work. This is one of our core values.