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The Yoruba-Igbo Wedding in Texas

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Small Costs or Small Guests; What Does a Small Event Really Means to You?

Small events are becoming trendy in Nigeria. However, not knowing the type of small event you want could lead to getting the wrong results. This is because not all small events are the same. Small events do not necessarily mean ‘cheap’. The first thing you need to do is to clearly defined what ‘small’ means to you. Different people have different ideas of what a ‘small event’ means. To some people, a ‘small event’ simply means small number of guests. To others, it means low budget. Some events are small because they cost ‘small’ money. Here, the planner’s intention is to keep costs very low. Read also Creative Ideas to Plan Low-Cost Events in Nigeria.While some are small because they have a small/few number of guests invited. In this type of event, the issue is not money, but about planning a classy event with only target invitees as guests. This kind of small event usually have less than 100 guests – such as celebrity wedding events and corporate gala nights. Now, the question is, w…

Event Services

We offer a wide range of top notch   services to host your next event. With these services, we save you money, save you stress and keep you on budget. We are also available for any of these services. With us, quality and speedy delivery is 100% guaranteed.

PhotographyEvent D├ęcor.CakesCateringTicketingRed CarpetBulk SMSRentals

Event Branding

No event is ever meaningful to everyone, but the right event branding will bring you the right crowd. Event branding is an aspect of event management that makes people attend again and again. More people are likely to attend your events because of the hype. Creating an event brand primarily involves connecting with your audience and making them resonate with your message. By building a strong event brand that works across all communication channels, we share a cohesive message about your event – who you are, what your event is about and the benefits of attending. The biggest advantage of branding your business is that it provides a relatively cost-effective solution for turning an event into a “must attend.” We are pro in event branding. It’s a healthy strategy we apply to events, for the right reasons, with the right people. It’s the first words that comes to people’s minds when they think about your event. We keep your event brand consistent throughout all of your communicationWe est…


In a bid to build and nurture the young dexterous workforce in the society, we provide an intensive practical vocational training with certification of competence in a well-equipped facility. In 2018, we successfully trained 50 undergraduates of Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun state, Nigeria. We offer numerous short term courses taught by experienced field professionals. Available courses include;

Event Planning

Hiring in-house event planners is as risky as self-medication. You need help! A professional help!! What you do not know or do not ask, can have a major impact on the success of your event and budget. Everything that goes into putting a memorable event together is all event planning is about. We offer timely and quality organization, coordination and management of the event from the beginning to the end of the event, working closely with our client to design an event that reflects our client’s vision and meets the event’s objective. We have the unique and creative ability to multi task, meet deadlines and stick to your budget. Let’s save money for you and give you an exceptional event. These includes; Devising the event conceptIdentifying the target audienceNegotiationEstablishing a budgetCoordinating transportation and developing a parking planArranging for speakers or entertainersVenue ManagementSending invitations to attendeesIdentify and establish partnerships and sponsorsCreat a …

Our History

Like many great enterprises, NOVEL Nigeriastarted just as an ideawas developed for over 4 years. The desire not to build a mediocre and a hand-to-mouth enterprise motivated, and made the NOVEL vision a bigger and global one. NOVEL Nigeria officially began commercial service on 1st September, 2016 with a team of two (Kingsley Ndimele and Olanrewaju Jegede). Growing as an infant company, we were seen as ‘unserious grasshoppers’ that will not amount to anything much. Kingsley Ndimele founded the company as an undergraduate (Part 2) in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. He started with just a Canon 600D Digital Camera. HHe was closely supported by his roommate, Olanrewaju Jegede (A Part 4 student in the Department of Management and Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University), who later became the Production Manager (2016 – 2018) of NOVEL Nigeria. Amidst criticisms and persecution, the growth rate and consistency of the company has been ove…

Lawmakers Move To Ban Expensive Burial Events in Anambra

Anambra State House of Assembly in Nigeria on Wednesday 10th April passed a bill to control excessive burial and funeral ceremonial activities in the state. The bill which was sponsored  by House member representing Anaocha 2 Constituency, Hon. Charles Ezeani, was passed after it had been considered at the committee level. According to the bill, it seeks to curtail and cut down the cost of burial activities in the state and to prosecute offenders. The bill provides that in the event of death, no person shall deposit any corps at the mortuary or any other place beyond two months from the date of demise. 

It further added that burial ceremonies in the state shall be for one day. The bill further stipulates that during burial and funeral ceremonial activities, the family of the deceased shall provide entertainment for their kindred, relatives and other sympathizers at their own discretion. 
The bill also places ban on destruction of property, gun shots, praise singing, blocking of roads …

Creative Ideas To Plan Low Cost Wedding Events In Nigeria

Worried about how you will afford the wedding of your dreams? Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, not occasions that break the bank. You need a better idea of how to plan a wedding without going broke. You can find a less expensive alternative to almost every element. Take some time to investigate your options and keep your eyes out for bargains and ways to save. You may be surprised by how easy it is to throw a champagne wedding on a beer budget. There are plenty of ways to save money when planning a wedding and still have a great event. All you need to do is be a little creative.
Figure out which elements of the wedding and reception are most important to you. Those are the things on which you will spend the most money. Then, balance them by spending less—or not including—the elements that are less important to you. Not everyone has to have a ceremony location that is extravagantly decorated. Most people could get by with little or no extra decorations at their ceremony lo…

NOVEL Nigeria Unveils New Brand Identity

Exactly five months to her 3rd Year Anniversary, NOVEL Nigeria unveils a new brand identity. This is in fulfilment of the company's mission, vision and core values to build a sustainable world class event brand.
The new corporate image of the company came through after several studies and research. According to the research team, the brand logo, font, color and tone is in accordance with the company's focal point and commercial service offers.
Abodunrin Abdullahi, the Lead Researcher and Brand Expert of the company said at the launch of the new brand identity, that the company would start showcasing the new  brand image effective from Thursday (April 4, 2019).
The Chairman, Board of Directors Kingsley Ndimele in a press meeting said, "creating bespoke exceptional events that suits every class and build aspiring entrepreneurs is our holistic goal at NOVEL Nigeria and we are committed to pursuing it excellently to reality."

Hot Topic: Absent Dubai Based Husband Represented By a Pillow Weds Beautiful Bride

A woman married her absent Dubai husband with pillow yesterday in Abeokuta, Ogun state. We have all the photos below. Scroll down to see them. According to social media reports, the woman’s Dubai-based fiance was for reasons currently unknown, unable to attend his own wedding, so a throw pillow was used to represent him. In the wedding pictures, his bride is seen gorgeously and tastefully dressed as she beams with joy. This won’t be the first time a Nigerian woman is getting married to an absent abroad-based husband who was represented with pillows. But as usual, this lady’s current wedding has drawn a lot of reactions online, with many Nigerians criticizing the move, while others expressed shock.
Will you do this for any reason?
Please, drop your comments below.

Enough of Empty Seats and Low Attendance in Your Events (Part 1)

Poor attendance is one of the biggest frustrations in most events. I know how it feels scanning your event room, proud of the job you did organizing a dope event, but empty chairs fill the room. Some people really do not understand that not showing up to an event costs money, wastes resources and makes it difficult to plan the next event effectively. What went wrong? Sure, unpredictable stuffs come up. It’s easy to write off poor attendance on the premise that people simply are overscheduled. “I should be there is different from “I will be there”, but we often don’t notice the difference until we’re staring bitterly at empty seats. So, what can be done to ensure your seats are filled?

Make sure your event information gives detailed instructions on how to make it to the event for those that wants it. This includes venue address, arrival time, driving and parking instructions and anything else that will be useful to your busy guests. If this is a local event, send an email with and las…

Why Guests Are Vexed and Impatient Over Food at Most Public Events

A serious fight broke out between some ladies at a public event. According to eye witnesses, the fight started following a tensed argument over food at the event. The ladies who were ‘dressed to kill’ in red and white attire – threw punches at each other and dragged themselves by the hair while the fight raged on. Even one of the ladies’ wig was removed in the clash and some who tried to separate the fight, pushed away. Other guests and staff at the event who were left shocked and embarrassed by the fight, later separated the aggrieved ladies.

Food is often one of the largest, if not the largest expenses for most events. As budget continues to shrink and the cost of food continues to rise, our capability to cater and serve our event guests satisfactorily increase our heartbeats. If serving food at events was really about feeding people, it would probably be more cost effective to give guests and attendees cash or vouchers to go across the street to the nearest fast food restaurant. C…

Thank You For 2018!

This concluding year has been a wonderful year for us at NOVEL Nigeria  looking at our achievements.

Thanks to all our friends, clients and partners for your continuous support and patronage. Your  rebuke and praises have immensely strengthened and propelled our vision and mission.

To the selfless NOVEL team, your consistent, sacrificial efforts have greatly added to our brand loyalty.

As we begin the new year, we are committed to deliver quality and timely service in the best way we can. We are always open to business, as our will to serve you commercially remains unabated.

We wish you a fulfilling year.

With Affectionate Love,
Management, NOVEL Nigeria

RITUALS - written by Kingsley Ndimele