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Monday, 31 December 2018

Thank You For 2018!

This concluding year has been a wonderful year for us at NOVEL Nigeria  looking at our achievements.

Thanks to all our friends, clients and partners for your continuous support and patronage. Your  rebuke and praises have immensely strengthened and propelled our vision and mission.

To the selfless NOVEL team, your consistent, sacrificial efforts have greatly added to our brand loyalty.

As we begin the new year, we are committed to deliver quality and timely service in the best way we can. We are always open to business, as our will to serve you commercially remains unabated.

We wish you a fulfilling year.

With Affectionate Love,
Management, NOVEL Nigeria

Odebunmi Oluwatosin Wins YES! Essay Contest 2018

At 9:00 am on Sunday 30th December 2018, the final results of the YES! Essay Contest was released.

According to the Chairman, Board of Directors, NOVEL Nigeria - Kingsley Ndimele, he stated that the grading process was very tedious, consequent upon numerous essay entries. He also said that just 10 entries were shortlisted for the final reading and grading.

Odebunmi Oluwatosin - a student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife narrowly won the contest with Gbadero Toluwalope and Daniel Adeagbo trailing closely behind as runnerups in a tie.

Congratulations to the winners and also to the several essayist who sent entries.

YES! Essay Contest is an annual event outlined for YES!  Festival (The First Online Business Summit in Africa). YES!  Essay Contest 2018 is sponsored by fynestdeal.com

Entrepreneurship- The Leadership Model Of the 21st Century

Howard Stevenson defined entrepreneurship as, “The pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources currently controlled.”

Naveen Jain once said, “A person who sees a problem is a human being, a person who finds a solution is a visionary and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur”.

After some painstaking research, I recently discovered the three kinds of leaders in the 21st century. There are corrupt leaders, arm-chair leaders, and entrepreneurial leaders.

Corrupt leaders are everywhere, and I don’t want to be one of them. They are known for their addiction, clinging and do-or-die attitude to power. In his address to African leaders, Barack Obama said, “Africa’s democratic progress is also at risk when leaders refuse to set aside when their terms end.” They are often directly or indirectly motivated by self interests; the desire to accumulate wealth at the expense of development, position and popularity mindedness and the unwillingness to give others a chance. They may be educated, but are ‘educated criminals’. These leaders are found in all levels of government; local, state, and federal. They can also be found in other spheres of society and are the leading cause of underdevelopment in their various organizations and nations.

There are also arm-chair leaders. These leaders may not be corrupt, but are too position and status conscious. They make statement like don’t you know I am the boss? They may be indifferent or resistant to change due to their narrow mindedness. They are comfortable with the status quo and insecure with something different. They are known to display unnecessary air of superiority among their juniors or subordinates. These kinds of leaders lead their workplaces or organizations to mediocre performance and uncompetitiveness. These leaders can be found in both private and public sectors of the economy. These leaders lack innovation- a vital tool for global participation and competitiveness.

Then we have entrepreneurial leaders. These are not preoccupied with unnecessary functions and meetings. They are known to be laser-focused, single-minded and committed to the future well-being of their firm, institution, or nation. They are proactive in realizing and addressing problems. They see possibilities in impossibilities and are also developing the right skills, knowledge, and attitude to seize the opportunities within or outside their immediate environment. They often challenge the status quo, are prepared for change and are willing to take risks or go the extra mile to achieve a worthy goal.

They may be young, middle-aged, or mature adult and are found in the sphere of religion, business, science and technology, politics or education. Unlike corrupt leaders, they are not noise makers but impact markers. They will use available but limited resources to address deprivations in their place of involvement, and are addicted to problem solving.

In the sphere of education, I have great regard for Malala Yousafzai. The 21 year-old girls’ right activist was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2014. Malala was given the honour exactly two years and a day after a Taliban gunman shot her in the head on her school bus. Following her recovery in a British hospital, Malala has toured the world speaking up for the rights to receive an education. She once told reporters that going to school, “Is like walking through a magic door to your dreams.” Malala becomes the youngest ever recipient of the prize and the second Pakistani to receive the award. She won the prize for her struggle against the suppression of children and young people, and the right for all children to education. She is also one of the key leaders committed to the Bring Back Our Girls campaign.

I am of the opinion that entrepreneurial leaders are known by their behaviour not their titles, positions, or job description. They simply need the right skills, knowledge, and a positive attitude. Indeed, entrepreneurship is the leadership model of the 21st century.

Daniel Adeagbo

Sunday, 30 December 2018

The Internet: The Untapped; Yet Unswervingly - The Key To Business in Our Time

An old engineer once charged a thousand dollars for merely tapping a specific part of ship with a hammer after a several failed attempts from different experts contacted prior to the time the retired engineer was called upon. With a protest: “how could he charge so much? He barely did anything!” The old engineer, with a smile, explained that only one dollar was for the tapping while “knowing where to tap” cost 999 dollars.

This isn’t a fairytale; however, the story above (the Boilermaker story) sums up the situation of business and entrepreneurship in the times we are in. The old notion of stern hard work being the only route to success in business is nothing but history because as it were, everyone can put all efforts, but knowing where to make an effort in life makes all the difference.

For the constraint of this writing, it is quite impossible to explain any business plan wholly, however, it is very pertinent to know the impact the internet has in the world of business and it is the untapped yet available resource to everyone involved in the world of business.

It often occurs that a well worked-out business plan fails to yield the expected results because expertise and proper creation and execution of any product/idea/service isn’t just enough; the several experts that tried attempts in fixing the ship in the Boilermaker story were definitely not ignoramuses but lacked the precise knowledge of where to tap; perhaps previous things the past experts had done fixed some other issues the ship had (which probably the owners weren’t aware of), however, the old engineer stole the show because he had the simple touch the ship needed the most.

Quite a lot has been said, but why is the internet is really being emphasized? There are numerous opportunities such as Forex trading, cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, professional blogging, to mention a few, all which start and end on the internet and are quite easily accessible. While it is impossible to delve fully into them, it is noteworthy that the average daily trading volume of Forex (currency) trading exceeds 5 trillion dollars.

Concerning several products and services by different entrepreneurs, whichever product/idea/service forms the core of any business, the support of the internet is very much needed. Marketing is the backbone of every product or service. A large amount of prospective customers to all products and services spend the bulk of their time online, hence, the process of attracting targeted audiences online is what will spell the difference between a successful thriving business and a failed one. To further stress this, Google confirms this claim in a study with IPSOS Hong Kong, with claim that 2.8 times better revenue expectancy are for businesses using digital marketing to those who do not.

Digital marketing, the word used for marketing on the internet is capable of helping a newbie compete with the largest corporations concerning a product since it is possible to effectively engage customers across the world and yet, with the benefit it offers, it costs much less than traditional marketing; in fact, some forms of digital marketing such as WhatsApp marketing is free with powerful apps like WhatsApp Business.

Other forms of digital marketing include paid advertising on powerful networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others even offer mind-blowing marketing options where businesses can specifically target audiences’ interests, locations, gender and even the age range; all these sum up whatever you may need in a customer and help to successfully target the specific customers needed for any product.

More interestingly, with the concept of eCommerce, it is possible and very much economical to ride on the backs of successful giants in the industry of eCommerce (such as Jumia, Jiji) who have built more than enough audiences while the producer watch their products/services walk into the hands of target audiences.

Hence, beyond the expertise of any product or service, larger companies always have the edge over small companies and even individual entrepreneurs owing mainly to the reason of their maximum usage of the internet not necessarily expending efforts without a specific direction. It is important to know where to tap. Undoubtedly, that place to tap is the internet!


Rural Entrepreneurship; Key to a Nation’s Growth

Entrepreneurship has been defined to mean the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any and all of its risks in order to make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.  Based on the definition above, an entrepreneur is a person of high aptitude who pioneers change, possessing characteristics found in only a few human beings. One of the driving force of the market economy is entrepreneurship, hence, a topic not to be taken with levity.

If a nation will grow; able to feed its populace and meet the needs of others, it must encourage and practice entrepreneurship. While this topic is a wide one, the focus in this piece is rural entrepreneurship.  This is of course, entrepreneurship based on the welfare and upbringing of rural area. In simpler terms, business in local areas.

Contrary to previously known idea that if you want to ‘hit it big’, you do not want to focus or stay in rural settlements. It is evident nowadays that while that statement is not faulty in part, it is incorrect in whole. Businesses focused on rural areas are thriving and the reason for their success is tied around the importance or uniqueness of this type of entrepreneurship.

This is the trend- when a kid who lives in a rural area grows to a certain age he can fend for himself, say eighteen years, he is sent to ‘the big city’ to make money as opportunities are limited in the village. One could almost hear his father saying; “my son, you need to go to your uncle in Lagos. You will become a man and one day return to make our lives better.” One after the other, youths are sent forth to the city and population of the latter increases. The establishment of a rural industry will not only provide employment opportunities, but also prevent rural exodus.

With the presence of rural industries, economic development of rural areas is fostered. The development can be in two ways; reduction in misappropriate growths of towns and cities, growth of slums and environmental pollutions and on the other hand, curbs rural urban migration. Oh! What peaceful life this will bring.

Local resources like raw materials and labour can only be properly utilized in rural industries. In an environment where everyone knows each other’s root, their productive ability and specialization are known and can be properly channelled and needless to mention that wastage or improper use of raw materials will be discouraged. What is amazing is that rural funds can be generated with the help of savings.

The benefits that rural entrepreneurship or industrialization will give to a nation cannot be overemphasized. And as interesting as that is, the problems that accompany it are enormous. One major issue that can arise is urban rural migration. What do we do when a village becomes overpopulated and resources like water that was once surplus become a luxury? There is an old saying that says when a problem is solved, another is created. Hence, it seems we are in a loop of ‘problem-solution.’

India is a good example of a country that has embraced rural entrepreneurship and we do not need to mention how they are doing. This trend has gotten to Africa as well tough. A country in northern Africa has a company in the business of providing electricity to rural areas and availability of tractors to farmers all for a token and a share in their company. Small business, but a lot of money involved. It is a win-win situation.

Is it necessary to mention again that rural entrepreneurship is the new face of income generation and a nation’s development and growth? There is no simpler way of saying it. Rural entrepreneurship is key!
Odebunmi, Oluwatosin Sunday

Saturday, 20 October 2018

RITUALS - written by Kingsley Ndimele

As time goes on, we begin to realize that perhaps success is more a practice rather than a serendipitous streak of luck and ‘grace’, we begin to get fascinated with what remarkable people do routinely. Interestingly enough, their daily schedules tend to bear striking resemblances. This masterpiece in your hand reveals the rituals that excellent people perform daily. For highly successful people, it’s about the continual practice. Yes! Great men are addicted ritualists.
To steer yourself onto the path of great success, you first need to have a routine of small but profoundly impactful habits. This book is only for people who need some habits to develop, grow and turn into success. Learn the habits of excellent people and see how your life can change!

Click here to download for free


Thursday, 9 August 2018

NOVEL Nigeria To Train 150 OAU Students Free

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Training Venue: AJOSE FOYER, OAU
Training Starts: 10th - 15th, September, 2018

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For Transfer Payment
  • Make your transfer payment to the account details
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Saturday, 30 June 2018

YES! Essay Contest 2018

YES! Essay Contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the world’s youth in promoting excellence and sustainable development. YES! Essay Contest is a creative program, lined up as a feature of YES! Festival.

YES! Essay Contest is also aimed to inspire the society to learn from young minds and think about how each of us can make a difference.

In the world of business, different companies, organizations and people have different perspective in the best practices for institutes and industries. Opening these topics for discuss is an opportunity for business leaders, brand owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to take note of these diverse views and gain new perspectives. 

The purpose of the essay is to challenge perspectives on several topics relating to business and entrepreneurship.

To write an essay, the writer must thoroughly investigate the topic and collect any information relating to the topic. A clear thesis and sound reasoning must be used throughout the essay with logical transitions. A variety of topics are available for you to focus your essay and to help the creation of your own idea.

  • Essay must be original and unpublished. Plagiarized entries will be rejected.
  • You must register and participate fully in the YES! Festival 2018.
  • Co-authored essays will be rejected.
  • Any Essay topic chosen must be related to BUSINESS or ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
  • Entries should be submitted to novelnigeria14@gmail.com on/before September 30, 2018.
  • Essay must indicate full name, phone number, address and gender.
  • Essay must not be more than 700 words.
  • Essay must be submitted in MiscroftWord Format.

WINNER               -               $50

1st RunnerUp         -               $30

2nd RunnerUp        -               $20

Proudly sponsored by www.fynestdeals.com

v  All entries will be examined by the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA)