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Is White Wedding Compulsory After Performing the Traditional Wedding?

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Reasons An Outdoor Event is Better Than A Event Center

Have you attended an event in a park,  beach, spacious backyard or an open field? Outdoor events creates beautiful and memorable moments for your guests.  However, there are risks as well as advantages.  1. Unlimited Space There is a maximum capacity every event center can take. If you need a spacious venue, an outdoor event can be a great choice for you.  Unlike an event center, where you are have to arrange seats in a limited space and confine your guests to a small area, you have the freedom to decide or customize the layout, seating arrangement, tables, podiums, serving points in an outdoor event.  An open space gives everyone the luxury of moving around comfortably. If you are not sure of how many guests will show up for your event, an outdoor event is the best for you.  2. Logistics One of the major challenges of an event center is logistical issues. It's either it does not have a convenient parking space, dock or delivery ramp. This can be be challenging for vendors who are

How To Plan a Low-Cost Wedding in Nigeria

Late marriages are fast becoming a norm in several parts of Nigeria. The average Nigerian man is eligible for marriage usually gives financial constraints as the number one reason for delaying marriage. For many Nigerian, the thought of wedding alone is scary. This is because weddings are one of the biggest and most expensive event for many Nigerians.  If you have all the millions to spend for you wedding or you have an oniduro who is footing the bills or sponsoring your wedding, these tips may not really be useful for you. But if you want to have an elegant and memorable event on a shoestring budget, pay close attention.  There are plenty of ways to save money when planning a wedding, and still have a great event. There are proven strategies to plan a great wedding without going broke. You don't have to be a fan of Arsenal FC to know how to throw a champagne wedding on a beer budget.  If you have never planned a large event, working out a wedding budget can be an uphill task. Most

The Winning Formula For Planning a Classy Low-cost Wedding in Nigeria

Planning a classy low-cost wedding in Nigeria is possible. Once you have decided the total amount you want to spend for your wedding and the type of wedding you want, you can easily match what you want with what you can afford. This Wedding Budget Formula is a very valuable formula that you can make use of. 50% - Venue, Catering, Cake and Rental Costs  12% - Photography and Videography 9% - Wedding dress (for the couple), Hair and Makeup This should also include the cost of the shoes, jewelery, cufflinks and other accessories 8% - Event Decoration This also covers for bouquets, flower arrangements, special lighting and decorations. 7% - Entertainment (Live Band/DJ) 3% - Wedding Planner 3% - Transportation 2% - Stationery This covers for the program of event, menu card, wedding invitation cards, thank you cards etc. 2% - Officiant If you are hiring an officiant to legally marry you, allocate 2% of your total budget to cover this cost 2% - Wedding Rings 2% - Sourvenirs

Can I request for money gift in my wedding invitation card?

The original idea behind wedding gifts was to help new couples start out in their new life together. So, people gave them things to set up their new homes. Things have changed. Most people now get married from a place of independence.  What if you have gotten all the household items, kitchen equipment and electronic appliances that you will need for your new home and all you really want as a wedding gift is money? What if you do not want to receive the same type of items multiple times? Even though monetary gift is what you truly want, your guests may be see your invitation card as a blunt request for money.  Lately, most Nigerian wedding invitation cards now includes account details of the intending couples and a special information that says "Only Monetary Gifts." An invitation card may read, "Your presence at our wedding is enough of a gift, but should you wish to give us something, we would greatly appreciate a financial contribution towards our new home." The r

How To Choose The Most Suitable Platform For Your Virtual Event In Nigeria

One of the major differences between an in-person event and virtual event is venue. An in-person event is held in a physical location while a virtual event is held on a video conferencing platform where attendees can connect, engage and listen to your speakers.  There are many digital tools available online, but not all platforms are suitable for your virtual event. Different platforms have their pros and cons.  You have to know your event objective so as to match it with the most suitable virtual platform. The right platform can make all the difference in a virtual event. 1. Choose a virtual event platform that allows you to stay connected from the beginning to the end Some platforms require a stronger internet connection and fast bandwidth to stay connected.  Don't forget that your attendees will be connecting to your event from different locations, different devices and different network services. 2. Choose an easily accessible virtual event platform platform Does the digital to

22 Strategies To Prevent Uninvited Guests From Attending Your Event In Nigeria

Have you ever attended an event where the venue was jam-packed, food and drinks were insufficient and you couldn't enjoy the activities comfortably?  This happens often because there is no estimated attendance. Usually, caterers and event venue managers will ask you the size of your guest list before giving you a price quotation. Events are supposed to be intimate, fun and engaging. The less people you invite, the more intimate your event can be. However,  we cannot but admit that most Nigerian events are made up of invited, uninvited and unexpected guests.  One unique characteristic about Nigerian events is that some of the guest you invited will not show up while people who you did not invite will end up attending the event. In every Nigerian event, there are guests of guests who assume that they can attend your events uninvited. You must understand that with every additional guest, your budget increases. Irrespective of your budget, you want the right crowd, not just a crowd.  I